When you decide to buy a puppy, there are many websites now available to help you find the right breeder of your puppy. One thing to remember is none of these websites check or vet these breeders, that is down to you!



You must make sure you carry out at, the very least, some basic checks

….to ensure your puppy is healthy and the temperament fits in with you expectations. The Puppies-UK website was the first dog breeder website that started in 1997 and is still going to this day. There are now hundreds of puppy and dog breeder websites now, with some sites having thousands of adverts for puppies. You will find that many of the breeders will advertise with six or seven of these sites so you will be seeing duplicate adverts on your search.

The key to finding the right puppy from the right breeder is to do your research BEFORE going to see any puppies. Before you visit any of the sites, do your research on the breed of dog you think you would like. Believe me, going to a breeders with cute amazing little puppies, it becomes very tempting to purchase there and then. Only later do you realise that you made a snap decision and that the puppy is now to demanding and does not fit in with you families lifestyle and other commitments.




Another common mistake that people make when looking for a puppy, they start looking for the perfect puppy. “Perfect puppy” remember like you and me dogs are living things, do you know of the perfect looking person with a perfect temperament, no they don’t exist! So it’s the same for puppies.

I know you may be spending many hundreds of pounds for your puppy and you want as near perfection as possible

……but you will need to compromise. We believe the most important thing NOT to compromise on is the temperament of the puppy, this is why it is so crucial to see the mother (and father if possible). See how the puppy interacts with the rest of the litter. Is it the most dominant (Alpha) terrorising the rest of the litter, this may look funny at the time but may be harder work with later. The puppy that is timid and is alway sleeping at the bottom of the litter may well be more nervous and scared when older but maybe this fits okay with your lifestyle as you will be with the puppy all day because you are retired for example.


When you arrive at the breeders house, look around you.

Are there other puppies form other litters or breeds? Is the environment clean and does not smell of smoke? Is the breeder asking questions about you to ensure their puppies are going to a good home? Apply common sense and do not be rushed into buying even if they do offer a “special offer” if you buy there and then.

The whole process may be time consuming and you may need to travel many miles but taking the time now will ensure many happy years with your new puppy.

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