American Bulldog

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  12-14 years





The American Bulldog is a large, powerful dog with a huge skull and slightly squashed muzzle. Similar in looks to the Pit bull, the American Bulldog is not recognised as a breed by the UK Kennel Club.

He is a mastiff type breed originating for use in the cruel sport of bull baiting, as well as herding and hunting. American Bulldogs are strong, powerful and hardy dogs. The coat is short and is usually white with brown or fawn patches. The head is large, as is the jaw. The breed can stand up to 60cm in height from the shoulder and weigh as much as 54kg.

This is not a breed for the first time owner as it can, in the wrong hands, become aggressive with both people or other dogs. Due to its size and power the American Bulldog needs to be trained and handled correctly and should therefore only be taken on by experienced dog owners.

Unfortunately due to his appearance in Disney and other children’s films it often ends up in the wrong hands and there is usually an American Bulldog in most rescue homes at any given time. When treated well the American Bulldog is a friendly and loving breed. He has a guarding instinct and as previously said, can be aggressive with other dogs.

The American Bulldog is an extremely brave and determined character. He needs up to an hours exercise a day and has a life span of up to 16 years of age. His coat is short and needs the minimum amount of grooming and the occasional bath. The breed also tends to slobber and drool.

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