Bedlington Terrier

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  14-16 years





The Bedlington Terrier is an extremely recognisable breed due to his resemblance to a newborn lamb. He is a small to medium sized dog with an unusual, curly, soft coat. His skull is dome shaped not unlike a lamb’s, with triangular ears that fall down at the tips.

He has a deep chest, slim legs with dainty paws and a curved tail which drops down between the hocks. However, despite his lamb-like appearance do not underestimate the Bedlington Terrier, who is by no means a meek or mild character.

Thought to be one of the first terrier breeds to exist he was originally bred to catch rabbits and maintains his sporting nature. The Bedlington comes from the mining areas of the north of the UK and was once known as the Rothbury Terrier. An association for the breed was first recorded in 1877.

Bedlingtons do not molt but their coats need regular trimming to keep them in good condition. The coat colour is light grey. He stands up to 45cm high at the shoulder and weighs between 8 and 10kg. Being a terrier the Bedlington can be willful and has a high prey drive. Care should be taken around small animals and cats as he may decide they are good sport.

The Bedlington makes a great family pet. He is energetic, playful and likes to dig. With plenty of exercise he makes a delightful pet, but without enough physical activity he can become obsessive and naughty. Bedlingtons are relatively healthy and have a life span of up to 17 years of age.

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