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Border Collies are working dogs, bred to herd sheep and other farm animals. For that reason they are highly strung and require extensive amounts of daily exercise to keep them happy.

The Border Collie has a tendency towards obsessive behaviors which, when directed positively, can work in the dog’s favor. However in the wrong hands Border Collie’s can develop a number of behavioral problems. A Border Collie’s tendency to become ball obsessed for example, is used to great affect for the competitive sport of ‘fly ball’.

It is a medium to large sized dog with a long coat usually white on black, but can also have shades of brown grey or marl in it as well as being all brown with white. There are two types, the long coated and short coated.

The Border Collie is bred to work rather than show, which inevitably means there are fairly wide variations in colours, size and coat. That said the Border Collie is very recognisable with its pointed, erect ears, fox-like face, long tail and low, attentive gaze. Border Collies are bred to serve their owners day in, day out for this reason they do not make ideal pets for people who do not plan to spend a lot of time with them. These dogs need a job and they need to be doing it daily as they are far to intelligent to be shut up in a house all day doing nothing.

Without the correct training and socialization as puppies and in later live they can become destructive or become aggressive. They are not suited to living in small houses in the city or town as the Border Collie needs large open spaces in which to exercise and be active in. Border Collies are used for a variety of jobs such as search and rescue, drug detection, as sheep herders, as fly ball experts and for agility. For those with the time and knowledge they can be extremely rewarding dogs to work with and train. Border Collies have a life span of around 15 years.