AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  12-14 years





Boxers are medium to large sized dogs with a bracyocyphalic skull. This means they have squashed faces with a very short muzzles and a slightly undershot jaw.

Their short, smooth coats come in a variety of colours from red, brindle, white or a combination of these. Boxers do not need much grooming and require only the occasional bath.

Boxers that are born white are also very often born deaf. The gene responsible for its white markings is linked to congenital sensorineural deafness. In the past breeders would routinely euthanize pups born white but it is now more likely that they would be passed on as pets only, on the understanding they should not be bred from. It is possible to train a deaf dog to follow hand and/or light signals and deaf Boxers benefit from this specialized form of training.

The Boxer is a friendly, energetic character who requires a lot of exercise and stimulation to keep him happy. These dogs can have fantastic personalities and will demonstrate an innate sense of fun and good humor.

By nature the Boxer is not an aggressive breed but as with all dogs it requires the correct amount of socialization and training throughout its life in order to stay happy.

These dogs are intelligent and loyal, being distrusting of strangers, they also prefer company, either human or canine. The Boxer needs plenty of exercise, up to two hours a day and is suited to both the town or the countryside.

Originating in Germany the Great Dane and the Bulldog are thought to be behind breed’s formation. Boxers have traditionally had their tails docked but it is now illegal to do this unless done for medical reasons.

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