Chinese Crested

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  10-12 years





The Chinese Crested is a small dog and a member of the toy group of breeds. It comes in two variations, the hairless and the powder puff.

The hairless has no hair on his body other than a few tufts on his legs, tail and head. And the powder puff is covered in a long, soft hair. Colour variations are wide and both types can be found in most colours but most commonly have dark skin and white hair.

Similar in size and build to the Chihuahua, the Chinese Crested is still a relatively rare breed in the UK. The Chinese Crested is definitely a dog for the house proud owner as they keep themselves obsessively clean and have no ‘doggy’odour.

Being a toy breed the Chinese Crested is very much a lap dog and likes to be with its owner at all times. The breed has a guarding instinct and will bark at strangers approaching, making him an excellent watch dog. Intelligent and affectionate the Chinese Crested is sensitive to the cold and benefits from wearing a coat during the colder months. The hairless variety may also need regular moisturising to keep his hairless skin in top condition as well as regular hair trims for both varieties.

One of the most famous Chinese Crested dogs in the UK is Mugly who won the World’s Most Ugliest Dog accolade. A Chinese Crested, Mugly is a hairless version of the breed with an unfortunate habit of hanging his toungue out the side of his mouth while his mouth closed. And his black skin and white whiskers do nothing to help poor Mugly in the looks department. As a breed the Chinese Crested stands around 25cm at the shoulder and weighs around 5kg. They need a small amount of daily exercise, around 30 minutes and are relatively healthy dogs with a life span of about 10 years.

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