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The Dalmatian is a medium to large sized dog with a distinctive ‘spotted’ coat. Made famous by Dodi Smith’s novel 101 Dalmatians, which has since been adapted for film many times, the dog’s popularity can be linked to its film star status.

Dalmatians are either white with black spots or white with liver spots. Puppies are born pure white so it’s impossible to know at birth whether they will be liver or black spotted. The coat is short, shedding throughout the year.

The Dalmatian is a member of the utility breed of dogs, which is varied group of dogs of non-sporting origin, such as the poodle or Akita. They are believed to have originated in the UK where they were first used as carriage dogs, being required to trot alongside all kinds of carriages including horse drawn fire engines.

He has a sporting side to his nature with a good nose and a soft mouth and a huge amount of stamina and natural fitness. Today the Dalmatian makes an ideal family and house dog. His temperament is lively, playful and affectionate. He loves people and is happy to play all day as he is a strong, muscular dog with plenty of energy. He needs at least two hours exercise a day and is more suited to the countryside than the town.

Dalmatians stand up to 60cm in height from the shoulder and can weigh up to 35kg. The breed is prone to deafness, particularly in the liver spotted variety so care should be taken when choosing a puppy which can be tested at six weeks. The breed is also prone to kidney conditions. Dalmatians can live up to 15 years.

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