Dogue De Bordeaux

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  10-12 years





The Dogue de Bordeaux is a massive breed of dog made famous when one starred in the Tom Hanks movie, Turner and Hooch. He is an ancient breed, originating in France as a fighting and hunting dog. He has an impressively large head and a brachycephalic skull. The Dogue can be traced back to 1863 when he appeared at French dog shows but was not officially recognised by the English Kennel Club until 1997.

He has a short, red coat and needs the minimal amount of grooming. They are average coat shedders. However his skin is very loose so it is important to keep the skin clean to avoid skin fold dermatitis from developing. Dogues have a long, slightly curved tail that drops down to the hock. Despite their size they are incredibly agile dogs and are capable of jumping quite high should the opportunity arise.

Dogues are a working breed and for that reason need at least one hours exercise a day. They are intelligent, brave and loyal but due to their size need correct handling from the start in order to maintain their manageability. Like all squashed faced breeds, the Dogue is unable to regulate its own temperature and care should be taken in hot weather to make sure the dog has somewhere cool to sleep and does not over exert itself. Due to their size these dogs are more suited to the country than the town and need large houses to live in just because of their immense size. A Dogue can reach up to 75cm in height from the shoulder and weigh up to 65kg. Most are healthy but the breed can be prone to hip dysplasia. Dogues have a life span of around 10 to 12 years.

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