English Springer Spaniel

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The English Springer Spaniel is a medium sized dog bred for the shooting field where he was and still is, used to flush game. A strong, well proportioned dog he has an almost obsessive instinct to hunt and flush. He is confident working in the water and will instinctively seek out and pick up birds whether trained or not. For this reason he is not a dog for everyone.

He has a fantastically soft and gentle nature and is extremely clever and very trainable. Due to his amazing ability to hunt using his nose, he is also used in war zones to sniff out bombs as well as a fire investigation dog able to detect axcellerants. He can also be seen working for police forces up and down the country as a drug detection dog as well as where he originated from, in the countryside, as a field sports professional.

The English Springer Spaniel stands up to 57cm at the shoulder and can weigh up to 25kg. He has a strong well muscled body, large head, and big floppy ears falling down either side of his head. His coat is white with liver patches. The head and ears are always liver coloured and the working type tends to have more white on the body than liver. For the working dog the tail can still be docked. His nature is such that he is an extremely brave, loyal and kind dog who loves everyone.

Although there is no official separation of the breed, in recent years a more heavy, less excitable version has become more popular as a pet. Springers have ‘soft mouths’ and an enthusiasm for work that knows no limits. For that reason he may not suit everyone’s life style as he needs up to and over two hours exercise a day. Being such a trainable and clever dog he therefore, thrives in a working environment and is far happier doing a job than if he were left at home with nothing to occupy his lively mind.

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