Golden Retriever

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  12-14 years





The Golden Retriever is a large, big boned dog with a kind and content attitude to life. Bred for field sports and their ability to retrieve, the breed was originally used to pick-up and return birds on the shooting field.

These dogs are as happy in the water as they are out of it with their thick, water-repellant coats and huge paws making them particularly good swimmers. Despite all its sporting credentials the Golden Retriever also makes a great family pet. They are considered to be particularly patient with children and have a ‘soft mouth‘ making them unlikely to bite or nip.

However, when considering the retriever as a pet it should be noted that these dogs are large and may be liable to knock little ones over in the rush to the door. That said, they are wonderfully happy dogs. With an extremely trainable nature which is most suited to countryside where there is plenty of space to run.

Golden Retrievers are versatile characters and can be seen working as guide dogs for the blind or disabled, as search and rescue dogs, as well as for drug detection and with bomb disposal experts.

Not for the house-proud owner, they malt copiously, particularly during season changes and their thick, water repellent coats hold on to mud making daily/weekly grooming a necessity.

The retriever’s life expectancy is around 11 years, but many go on to live till 14 or 15 years old. A relatively healthy breed the Golden Retriever’s most common health problem is skin allergies, with many developing acute moist dermatitis or ‘hot spots’. Golden’s have an abundance of energy and will need between one and two hours walking exercise a day. This breed is recognised by the Kennel Club.

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