Great Dane

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  10-12 years





The Great Dane is the one of the largest breed of dog, standing at up to 85cm tall from the shoulder and weighing up to 80kg. The Great Dane is a tall elegant dog with a long muzzle, triangular ears that fold down and a long, thin tail that drops down to the hock.

The coat is short and comes in a variety of colours including black, fawn, blue and harlequin (which is white with black patches). He is an average shedder and his coat needs the minimum of care, just a weekly groom and occasional bath or rub down with a towel.

The breed has been the national dog of Germany since 1876 and was introduced into Britain in 1877. Great Danes have fabulous temperaments, being kind, dignified and patient – he is a gentle giant. He needs plenty of exercise, up to two hours a day, and a large house and garden is needed to accommodate the sheer size of this animal, who will happily stretch out in front of the fire.

Great Danes are generally obedient and easy to train however, it should be noted that they should be taught not to jump up as puppies or lean on people when the get bigger. Great Danes make good guard dogs, having been used in the past as watchdogs and for search and rescue duties. A Great Dane’s life span is sadly quite short, with some not even making it to their tenth birthday. However others have lived up to 11 to 12 years. The breed is prone to bloat, heart conditions and hip dysplasia.

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