Jack Russell

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  12-14 years





The Jack Russell belongs to the terrier group of dog breeds. The breed was named after the Rev. John Russell in the 1800s who famously named his Jack Russell, ‘Trump’.

Bred for fox hunting the Jack Russell is a determined, fearless breed. Usually no bigger than 25cm high and weighing between 6 – 8 kg, he has a short coat that is usually, predominantly white with tan or black marks.

He has a long tail that curls across the back and has traditionally been docked but this is now illegal unless done for medical reasons. His ears are triangular and set quite high on the head and he has a long snout.

Always alert and ready for action the Jack Russell is suited to a life on the go, particularly in the countryside, where he is often used to control vermin such as rats and mice. When not exercised or trained correctly he has a tendency to develop behavioral issues such as snapping and excessive barking.

Jack Russells also have the ability to climb, which means they can climb perimeter fences designed to keep them in and have a stronger hunting instinct than most dogs, including other terriers, so should never be trusted with small animals or cats.

A highly intelligent breed, the Jack Russell loves to have a job and is often used in films, as he is highly trainable and happy to perform tricks. He can live in the town or country but needs a long, brisk walk daily and is happiest by his owner’s side. The Jack Russell is quite a healthy dog and has a life expectancy of 15 years or more.

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