Japanese Chin

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  10-12 years





The Japanese Chin is a small dog and a member or the toy group of dogs. He originates from Japan and is believed to have been given as a gift to Japan from the Empress of China. Known as the Japanese spaniel the word ‘chin’ is believed to mean ‘cat like” and refers to the breed’s ability to wash his face with his paws, just like a cat would.

A dainty and delicate looking dog, the Japanese Chin is a beautiful looking breed with long hair, a tail held high over the body, a compact body and fairly long legs. His nose is slightly upturned and his muzzle quite short. The head is small and dome shaped. Similar in looks to the Papillon, his coat can be black and white or red and white and molts quite heavily. He needs daily grooming to keep him looking his best.

The Japanese Chin is not a suitable breed for children as his size means little ones could be tempted to pick him up and potentially hurt or drop him. Temperament wise he is a lively and intelligent dog. Happy to perform tricks he should be socialised well to avoid and aggression developing. Small dogs such as the Japanese Chin can easily be allowed to get away with behaviors a larger dog would not be allowed to do. It’s important to make sure this doesn’t happen otherwise your Japanese Chin is likely to become snappy and suffer separation anxiety if he starts to think he is the human pack leader.

Standing up to 28cm at the shoulder and weighing no more than seven kg the Japanese Chin can be prone to eye problems and may sneeze or snore. He does not need a great deal of exercise, just a short daily walk and he has a life span of up to 10 years of age.

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