Lhasa Apso

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  16-18 years





The Lhasa Apso is a small to medium sized dog and a member of the utility group of dog breeds. He has a harsh long, shaggy coat that will become matted if not groomed regularly. The Lhasa Apso originates from the mountains of Tibet so he is capable of withstanding high altitude and harsh weather conditions, in fact his long coat even falls over his face to protect his eyes from strong winds and the cold.

The long, double layer coat falls at either side of his body and comes in a variety of colours from grey to white, brown, gold, honey or a combination of these. Most people keep their Lhasa Aspso’s coat cut short, particularly around the face and ears, to make daily care easier.

The Aspso is an intelligent and spirited dog with a mind of his own. He can be wary of strangers and has an independent streak. That said he makes a wonderful pet as he is bold and confident and extremely affectionate towards his owners.

The breed stands no more than 28cm high from the shoulder and weighs around six kg. The body is long and the legs are short, the tail is set high curling over the back. A Lhasa Apso’s head is quite rounded, with small triangular ears flopping down and a cute button nose. He has a jaunty gait and looks quite splendid as he trots along on the end of a lead. The Apso is an active dog and needs around 30 minutes exercise a day, preferring the open countryside to living in the town. Generally healthy dogs, the Apso has a life span of around 15 years or more.

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