AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  12-14 years





The Lurcher is a large dog but is not recognised as a breed by the UK Kennel Club. This means there is huge amount of variation within the breed standard. Bred to hunt hares and rabbits, the numerous possible breed crosses means it is only possible to talk about Lurchers in general terms.

Lurchers tend to be quite tall dogs with a deep chest, similar in build to a greyhound, but with a wiry and a sometimes long coat. They come in all colour variations, particularly grey, wheaten and yellow. Lurchers usually have a bit of terrier in them as well as greyhound or saluki and can be crossed further with a border collie or German shepherd.

An intelligent breed, the lurcher is also a sensitive dog who enjoys human company. On the flip side this means they do not like being left alone and can be prone to separation anxiety behaviors leading to chewing or barking when left home alone. That said in the home the lurcher loves to lounge and likes nothing more than a warm, comfy bed to curl up in. He is a sprinter and has a strong hunting instinct and is highly motivated to chase and hunt.

Lurchers were traditionally used for the sport of hare coursing, which is now illegal under the Hunting Act 2004. The lurcher is a site hounds, which means he hunts with his eyes rather than his nose, who love nothing more than to chase a rabbit or hare across open countryside. It is advisable to only let your lurcher off the lead in confined spaces, as he is likely to chase anything small and furry and some have also been known to disappear on a hunt and not return. Because of this lurchers are more suited to the countryside rather than city life. They have no known hereditary health concerns and have a life span of up to 18 years.

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