AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  14-16 years





The Pomeranian is one of the smallest breeds of dog and belongs to the toy group. He is a spitz breed descending from the much larger sled pulling types. He has a thick, double coat, a fox like face, short study legs and a tail curling over his back.

Despite originating from the Pomeranian region of central Europe, he has been bred in the UK since 1890 when he first appeared in the kennels of Queen Victoria – the pomeranian club was formed the following year on the back of its popularity.

As a character the pomeranian is a lively, sweet-tempered and affectionate dog. If socialised well with other dogs and children from birth he makes a fantastic family pet. Being small he needs only short walks and can live in the countryside or in a town flat. He stands up to 30cm tall and weighs between 2 – 3.5kg. His coat, which is so long it resembles a ball of fluff, needs regular grooming to keep it in top condition. Some owners have their pom’s coats regularly clipped by a dog grooming professional giving them a very cute appearance, similar to that of a teddy bear.

A Pomeranian with a clipped coat called Boo became an internet sensation thanks to his cuteness and has over 1.79 million friends on Facebook. Legend has it that the Pomeranian is one of only three dog types to have survived on the Titanic and that Michelangelo had a pom by his side when he painted the Sistine chapel. The Pomeranian can be prone to slipping patellas, heart problems and tooth decay. It is recommended by many breeders that they are fed dry food and have regular tooth checks with the vet to dry and prevent the problem. A Pomeranian has a life span of up to 15 years.

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