AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  10-12 years





The Saluki is a tall, graceful, dignified dog with a strong hunting instinct and the speed to outrun a greyhound or whippet. A much prized breed by sheiks in the Middle East, Salukis are not well suited as pets for the average family.

The breed can become destructive if left alone in the house and easily becomes bored. He is very intelligent, highly strung and devoted and affectionate to the people he loves.

Salukis have short, silky coats which feathers on the ears and tail. Coat colour variations include cream, fawn, tri-coloured, red and black and tan. Salukis can be very sensitive to the cold and will need a warm jacket for the colder months. The body is slim and long with a deep chest similar to that of a greyhound. The head is small with a long muzzle and triangular ears folding over at the tips. The tail is as long as the body, bending upwards in the middle. A tall dog he can stand up to 75cm at the shoulder and weighs between 13 and 30kg.

The Saluki is a site hound which means he hunts with his eyes rather than his nose, again much like the greyhound or whippet. Due to his hunting instinct the Saluki should not be trusted with cats or small furry animals as he is likely to chase them or worse.They are not suited to life in the city and are happier in the countryside where they need plenty of exercise to keep them content. That said the Saluki is a very calm dog that likes to lounge around the house but does need plenty of exercise as he is a natural athlete. Salukis do not tolerate rough handling and need to be trained in a calm, positive way. Salukis are relatively healthy but can be prone to leg problems. They have an expected life span of up to 12 years.

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