Siberian Husky

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN:  10-12 years





The Siberian Husky originates from Russia and is a medium to large sized dog with striking looks that resemblance a wolf.

Bred to withstand the harsh sub-zero temperatures of Siberia, this is a working breed that is hardy and capable of traveling long-distances in harsh weather on little or no food. These facts alone are what make the Husky such a fantastic sled dog and it is what the animal was bred to do. That said this breed is becoming increasingly popular as a pet and it is an unfortunate fact that more and more are ending-up in rescue homes.

The Siberian Husky needs a lot of daily exercise in order to keep it content. Huskies are likely to take frustrated energy out on furniture or household objects if left alone and unexercised.

They also love to dig, due to the need to dig a hole in the snow to keep warm as a sled dog and it is a trait naturally bred into their characters. They are also fantastic escape artists and love nothing more than a good old dig in the garden.

Huskies are usually grey and white or red and white and often have blue eyes. They also have very thick, double coats that shed and need weekly grooming. As well as looking like a wolf, Huskies also exhibit certain wolf like behaviors. They are known to howl rather than bark and have a tendency to roam. Huskies in knowledgable homes can make great family pets and have kind, loving temperaments.

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