Wire Fox Terrier

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The Wire Fox Terrier is a sporting breed and was originally known as the rough-haired terrier. A medium size dog, his coat is rough and curly usually in white with either black or red patches and sometimes both, making him tri-coloured. His head is square, he has a relatively long neck a strong body with a straight back and short tail which stands erect. He has small, round compact feet giving him a tip-toe gait. His legs are proportionate to his body. His ears are v-shaped and flop down neatly over the cheeks. When clipped the Wire Fox Terrier is a smart, classy looking dog.

He is extremely active and bold as well as being a happy cheerful dog who makes an excellent children’s playmate. He is always interested in what is going on around him and never to tired to go on an adventure. Perhaps the most famous Wire Fox Terrier is Tintin’s dog Snowy from the Belgian comic strip The Adventures of Tintin. He stands no taller than 39cm at the wither – that’s the bottom of the neck – and weighs no more than 8kg.

Due to his intelligent, inquisitive nature the Wire Fox Terrier needs plenty of exercise both mental and physical. Teaching him tricks or asking him to do a job is exactly what this high energy breed needs in order to stay happy and content. He needs up to an hours walk a day, he can live in the countryside or the town but is more suited to the country life where he can exhibit his true terrier desires to dig and hunt small animals such as mice or rabbits. Sadly this breed can be prone to epilepsy so care should be taken to check a puppy’s parentage before taking one on. Providing he stays healthy however, he has a long life expectancy of over 15 years.

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