Yorkshire Terrier

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The Yorkshire Terrier is a member of the toy group, which are mostly lap dogs. That said as the name suggests, the Yorkshire terrier is a terrier and has a strong hunting instinct as well as being an excellent companion dog. He was originally bred to work in the clothing mills. As his small size enabled him to get under factory machinery and keep the room free from vermin such as rats and mice.

Today the Yorkshire terrier can be seen in the show ring and as a beloved family pet. In the show ring his coat is kept long, parting in the middle down his back and trailing along the floor. As beautiful as his coat looks when in show condition, few people have the time or inclination to keep it as such and it is usually trimmed to a more manageable length. His coat can be black and tan or blue and tan.

He stands no bigger than 17cm high from the wither, (that’s the bottom of the neck top of the shoulder), and weighs around 3kg at the most. He maintains a strong terrier instinct and in the wrong hands can easily become snappy and over protective of his owner. Being so small it is tempting to allow him to get away with things a bigger dog would not be permitted to do, such as jumping on furniture, so this should be closely monitored to avoid any aggressive or dominant behaviors from developing.

He is a loyal, lively and clever little dog and should be treated with respect particularly by children, as he will quickly assert his own opinions. He can also become yappy if not correctly trained. Yorkies are however, happy to live in small houses in the town or country, needing a daily walk of around 30 minutes, making them ideal pets for older people. As discussed earlier his coat needs regular attention in the form of weekly grooming and regular trimming. He has a life span of between 12 and 15 years and is a relatively healthy dog which sheds little or no hair.

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