Puppy Diaries – Douglas

Puppy Diaries – Douglas

Welcome to Puppy Diaries!

We are excited to present you with a weekly blog, dedicated to your own furry friends!

It’s space for your best friends to be featured on our website so all the other puppy lovers get to know more about your awesome Pup!

So let’s get started…

In this week’s post we are privileged to present you with Douglas, a 5 year old Old English Sheepdog!




As you can see in the photo above, Douglas is a very beautiful looking Dog. His owners really do spoil him! He gets groomed once every 6 weeks, having the full spa treatment!

His long hair often gets knotted so he has to be regularly brushed to remove them from his long flowing fur. If you haven’t got the perfect dog brush for your own Old English you can purchase yours Here!

He also has a full body wash including a full shampoo treatment to keep his coat clean from bacteria!



Douglas is very affectionate. He loves cuddles with his Dad, especially on the sofa! be careful though, he gets jealous when you pet other dogs and not him!


His favourite place to snuggle up and rest is in his dad’s bed, or on the floor next to it. He is a very caring and protective dog, always making sure his owners are safe!You can also find him comfortable on the Sofa, if you do happen to leave the sofa, be quick as Douglas be up on it within seconds!



He has fairly large exercise requirements, going on hourly walks each day with his parents. Alongside the walks, he loves to play games. So, what is Douglas’ favourite toy?

He has taken to a squeaky ferret. It’s very long and fluffy so he carries it around with him everywhere he goes! If you’re lucky enough to grab hold of it, throw it and he’ll race after it at the speed of sound.



Best Friends

This is Douglas’ best friend. It’s a miniature Schnauzer! His name is Buster. There he is above standing next to Douglas.

Funny Story

When Doug was a puppy, he used to fall over his own head!! his head was too big for his own body so he ended up doing front flips whenever he got super excited ! (bless)


He also got into Trouble when he ate a whole Toblerone!! including the packaging from under the Christmas tree! (I’m lifting my presents up this year).



If you have loved Douglas a much as we have then you can follow his own Instagram Page. He has pretty of amazing stories from his walks and you can catch him stealing spaces on the sofa!

Instagram: douglasallingham500


Thanks for taking the time to read the first of our Puppy Diaries. If you want your furry friend please do get in touch and we can send you the method to get started!




Special Diets

Special Diets

Specialist diets are generally more expensive than ‘standard’ dog foods.

Those designed to keep down your pet’s weight can mostly be avoided by being careful with their diet in the first place and maintaining a strict exercise routine.  Therapeutic diets are normally sold via vet practices, but are increasingly available on line. They are formulated to help with specific health problems such as diabetes and renal failure.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 08.22.11.png

Puppy milk is commercially available and contains extra calcium.

Cow’s milk should be avoided all together as this can cause stomach upsets. More importantly, fresh water must always be available to avoid dehydration.





Supplements are subject to much debate. Manufacturers of many prepared foods would argue that their scientifically balanced formulations do not require additional supplements. It is probably safest to assume that if your dog is enjoying a healthy diet there is no need for anything else. If in doubt, check with your vet.