Puppy Multi Toy Pack 1


Dogs are the most loyal friends of humans, What they really wants is the intimate company! Little Unicorn Dog Toys are the best choice. Including 10 funny and attractive toys, which provides joyous interaction between dogs and pet owners.
-Made of durable 100% cotton, safe and nontoxic.
-The rope chew toys featured solid knots that help clean dog’s teeth and improve dental health; these cotton rope dog toys can easily keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.
-Playtime keeps dogs physically and mentally smart.
– lttle Unicorn dog toys are a best choice, occupied to prevent he/she damaging your furniture.
-The package includes 10 kinds of pet bite toys, in different color and in different shape. Great toy for dogs, puppy training, daily exercise, suitable for indoor and outdoor play. Please note that large dogs and powerful chewers may destroy the toy easily and ripped pieces may create a choking hazard to your lovely pets.

Material:Natural cotton
Package dimensions:12.2 inch*7.8 inch*2.75 inch
Package Included:
1 * Cotton cord giraffe
1 * Bone molars toys
1 * Cotton ball
1 * Cotton carrots
1 * Frisbee
1 * Splayed knot
1 * Rope pulls
1 * Easter Bunny Rope Toy
1 * Colorful ring
1 * Leakage device


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