ThinkPet Rubber Treat Dispenser Interactive Dog Toy

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Why this a dog toy?
Canines naturally like playing and chewing. Their behavior problems could increase if they don’t have the right toys to play with!

Why choose this IQ treat ball toy?
No one will doubt the food dispensing toy is your dog’s favourite. You will find your dog enjoys the moment when they successfully make a treat drop from the dispenser.The IQ treat ball designed with raised dots,can increase difficulties of treats’ falling,so it can slow down your dog’s eating as well as increase its foraging patience.The satellite shape makes it jump irregularly,which will bring extra fun for your dog when it plays with it.

Small size: 6.1cm, suitable for small dogs
Medium size: 7.6cm, suitable for medium or small dogs
Large size: 9.7cm, suitable for large or medium dogs
X-Large size : 11.4cm, suitable for large dogs

1) The ball toy is only designed for pet.
2) It’s designed as a treat dispensing toy rather than a chew toy,so you should teach your pets how to play the ball after bring it to them.
3) All the toys could bring your dog risk if she is interested in them,your dog,especially for a strong chewer,should be supervised while they are playing the toys,no matter how undestroyable the toy seems,there is still the possibility for them to chew it into pieces.Please clean up the pieces in time to avoid the dog eating it by mistake.


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