Top 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The UK - Predictions For 2022

Top 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The UK - Predictions For 2022

Top 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The UK - Predictions For 2022

The most popular dog breeds vary year over year with some breeds enjoying newfound popularity and others featuring on the list time and time again. Below we’ve predicted this year’s popularity trends based on the breeds that have been most popular on our website for the last 12 months. 

1. Golden Retriever

  • Size: 51-61cm

  • Weight: 29 - 34kg

  • Personality: Adaptable, devoted, smart, friendly 

  • Colour: Golden (light and dark)

  • Life Expectancy: 10-12 years

Golden Retrievers regularly rank among the UK’s most popular dog breeds. These intelligent dogs are excellent family dogs, they are friendly with high energy levels and are easy to train. Golden Retrievers are big softies but need a lot of exercise each day. 

2. Labradoodle

  • Size: 30-71cm

  • Weight: 10-40kg

  • Personality: Affectionate, hardworking, energetic 

  • Colour: Various colours and combinations including black, cream, brown

  • Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

This cross between a Labrador and a Poodle has become one of the most popular dog breeds in recent years. These dogs make fantastic family pets and are ideal for first-time owners. Labradoodles are easy to train and eager to please. One of the things that make this breed popular is that they don’t shed much but do need regular brushing to keep their hair tangle-free. 

3. Border Collie

  • Size: 46 - 56cm

  • Weight: 14 - 20kg

  • Personality: Intelligent, energetic, affectionate 

  • Colour: Tricolour, Black & White, Gold, Slate, Red, Sable, Merle, Cream, Brown & White

  • Life Expectancy: 10-14 years

Border Collies are one of the most popular dog breeds for both working environments (sheep herding) and family homes. These dogs are energetic and hard-working but enjoy cuddles after their job is done. Border Collies are not the best dog breed for first-time owners but for active and experienced families, they are a great breed choice.

4. Siberian Husky

  • Size: 51-61cm

  • Weight: 20-27kg

  • Personality: Mischievous, loyal, active 

  • Colour: A wide variety of colour combinations including Black and White, Cream and White, Grey and White, Red and White, and White. 

  • Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

Siberian Huskies are a popular breed choice for active families. These sled dogs are active, fast, and have excellent endurance allowing them to be on the go for long periods. Huskies are friendly, they have big personalities and tend to love people. These beautiful dogs need lots of exercise and are best suited to experienced owners. 

5. Dachshund

  • Size: 20-27cm

  • Weight: 7-12kg

  • Personality: Stubborn, alert, curious 

  • Colour: Fawn and Tan, Black and Cream, Red, Black and Tan, Cream

  • Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

Dachshunds are small dogs with big personalities. These outgoing dogs are highly adaptable, affectionate and playful. Dachshunds tend to bark but positive, reward-based training helps to prevent stubbornness and unwanted behaviour. Although small, Dachshunds have lots of energy and love plenty of exercise each day. 

6. Jack Russell Terrier

  • Size: 25-30cm

  • Weight: 6-8kg

  • Personality: Affectionate, playful, independent 

  • Colour: White with Black/Tan markings

  • Life Expectancy: 13-16 years

Jack Russell Terriers have long been one of the most popular family dogs in the UK thanks to their friendly natures, low maintenance coats, and playful personalities. Jack Russells have always been popular but once again began to climb up the list of top dog breeds in 2019 when rescue dog Dilyn moved to Downing Street. These dogs are happy, energetic, and love being with people. 

7. Whippet

  • Size: 44-51cm

  • Weight: 11-18kg

  • Personality: Elegant, gentle, adaptable 

  • Colour: Black, Parti-colour, Brindle, Fawn, Cream, Red, White

  • Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

Whippets are enjoying newfound popularity and have made their way into the top 10 dog breeds this year. Whippets are affectionate dogs that are gentle and thrive in a family environment. These adaptable dogs can handle living in smaller homes but need lots of exercise, playtime and mental stimulation. 

8. Cockapoo

  • Size: 25-38cm

  • Weight: 5-10kg

  • Personality: Social, affectionate, sweet 

  • Colour: Blonde, Black, Tan, Red, Cream, White, Silver, Brindle, Merle

  • Life Expectancy: 14-18 years

A combination of a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel, the Cockapoo is a gentle, friendly, and popular family dog. Cockapoos are adaptable dogs that are known to be affectionate, loyal and fun-loving. They are a good breed choice for first-time owners and are easy to train, although they can be sensitive so positive reward-based training is important. 

9. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

  • Size: 33-41cm

  • Weight: 13-17kg

  • Personality: Confident, energetic, playful

  • Colour: Fawn, Red, White, Black, Blue, Brindle

  • Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are one of the most popular terrier breeds. These dogs are people-orientated, adaptable, and have kind natures. Staffies are fun and gentle but they can be boisterous so training and socialisation are important. 

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  • Size: 30-33cm

  • Weight: 4-8kg

  • Personality: Sweet-natured, gentle, social 

  • Colour: Chestnut & White, Black & Tan, Tricolour, Ruby

  • Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are popular family dogs thanks to their people-orientated nature and small size. These dogs are loyal, gentle, and sweet-natured, although they don’t do well left alone. 

11. Yorkshire Terrier

  • Size: 25-28cm

  • Weight: 6-9kg

  • Personality: Loyal, alert, confident 

  • Colour: Black and Tan, Blue and Tan

  • Life Expectancy: 13-16 years

Yorkshire Terriers are great dogs for first-time owners. They are adaptable, small in size, and eager to please, making them great to live with. Yorkies love to be the centre of attention and they thrive in a home environment. 

12. Cocker Spaniel

  • Size: 38-41cm

  • Weight: 13-14kg

  • Personality: Playful, even-tempered, people-orientated 

  • Colour: Black, Black and Tan, Black and White, Chocolate, Chocolate and Tan, Chocolate and White, Roan, Golden, Liver, Liver and White, Red 

  • Life Expectancy: 11-12 years

Cocker Spaniels have been one of the UK’s favourite family dog breeds for decades. These spaniels are highly adaptable, good-natured, and eager to please their owners. Cocker Spaniels are social and enjoy being around people and dogs, they are also good with children thanks to their even temper. 

13. French Bulldog

  • Size: 30cm

  • Weight: 11-13kg

  • Personality: Adaptable, people-orientated, laid-back 

  • Colour: Brindle, Fawn, Pied

  • Life Expectancy: 10-14 years

French Bulldogs have skyrocketed in popularity over recent years. Frenchies are fun-loving dogs that are known for being laid-back and good-natured. French Bulldogs are small in size and enjoy nothing more than cuddling with their humans, these mischievous pups are one of the most popular companion dog breeds in the UK. 

14. Chow Chow

  • Size: 43-51cm

  • Weight: 25-32kg

  • Personality: Aloof, proud, loyal 

  • Colour: Black, Cream, Fawn, Red, White

  • Life Expectancy: 9-15 years

Chow Chows are a popular dog breed thanks to their loyal natures and unique appearance. These dogs have a thick, fluffy coat and a black/blue coloured tongue. Chow Chows tend to be aloof with people they don’t know but are incredibly devoted to their owners. When socialised well these dogs are well-rounded and obedient. 

15. English Springer Spaniel

  • Size: 43 - 51cm

  • Weight: 23-25kg

  • Personality: Social, playful, affectionate 

  • Colour: Black and White, Liver and White

  • Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

English Springer Spaniels have been one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK for decades. They are kind, loyal, and have even tempers making them perfect for family life. English Springer Spaniels are gun dogs so they are active, obedient and easy to train. 

16. English Bulldog

  • Size: 30-40cm

  • Weight: 23-25kg

  • Personality: Loyal, adaptable, easy-going 

  • Colour: Brindle, Fawn, Red, White

  • Life Expectancy: 8-10 years

English Bulldogs are one of the UK’s oldest native breeds and remain incredibly popular thanks to their loving natures and comical personalities. English Bulldogs are gentle, loyal, and tolerant but they can be stubborn at times. They may also snore when snoozing! 

17. Tibetan Mastiff

  • Size: 36-41cm

  • Weight: 45-72kg

  • Personality: Quiet, gentle, strong-willed 

  • Colour: Black and Tan, Grey and Tan, Black, Grey, Gold

  • Life Expectancy: 9-15 years

Tibetan Mastiffs have been increasing in popularity in the UK. These large dogs were originally bred in the Himalayas as protection dogs so they are naturally protective. Tibetan Mastiffs are intelligent and gentle, and they are calm when at home but need enough exercise and playtime each day to keep them happy. 

18. Cavapoo

  • Size: 33-45cm

  • Weight: 5-10kg

  • Personality: Sweet-natured, loyal, calm 

  • Colour: Black, White, Chestnut, Chestnut and White, Tricolour, Gold

  • Life Expectancy: 13-15 years

A Cavapoo is similar to a cockapoo in that it is a Poodle crossbreed, but this time the cross is with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This breed is known for being friendly, devoted, and highly adaptable. Cavapoos seem to get along with absolutely everyone and thrive on human company. They are also receptive to learning and enjoy the one-on-one attention of training sessions.  

19. Maltese

  • Size: 20-25cm

  • Weight: 2-5kg

  • Personality: Playful, friendly, independent 

  • Colour: White

  • Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

The Maltese are a charming dog breed that has a playful yet independent nature. These small dogs have big characters and they remain puppy-like well into adulthood. Maltese dogs are versatile and tend to be happy wherever their family is.

20. Chihuahua

  • Size: 15-25cm

  • Weight: 1.8-2.7kg

  • Personality: Charming, energetic, alert 

  • Colour: Black, White, Chocolate, Fawn, Gold, Cream

  • Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

While the Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world, this charming breed has not been overlooked. Securing the top 20 spot, the energetic Chihuahua has proven to be a perfect companion for many. These dogs are easy to train, require minimal grooming, and make excellent watchdogs.

Found The Breed For You?

If you’ve found a breed that suits your family and lifestyle in this top 20 list, use Puppies to ensure your new family member comes from a reputable breeder. All listings are checked against a fraud database to help keep you safe when looking for your perfect puppy.

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