Puppy Health Basics

Here are some amazing facts and figures about your puppy.

The first is that psychologists believe that humans can’t resist a dog, because they bring out our nurturing instincts. So there’s no point in fighting it and enjoy your new companion. As well as the odd bark or yelp, your puppy has a number of ways of letting you know how he’s feeling. A wagging tail is a sure sign that things are going well, the faster it moves the more excited he is. Also keep an eye out for the ears. Erect ears mean he’s up for action, while ears that are flat or held back can be a sign of fear or submission. pexels-photo-902152.jpeg Dogs are often aware of sounds that owners just can’t hear. It is generally accepted that a dog’s hearing is up to four times more acute than a humans – able to pick up frequencies that are way beyond our range. Their eye sight on the other hand is less sophisticated, seeing the world in shades of black and white.

A wet nose is one of the key signs of good health, helping a dog pick up scent molecules more easily.

pexels-photo-976871.jpeg Small dogs mature much more quickly than large dogs. The average lifespan of a healthy pet is around 13 years. Poodles are one of the hardiest breeds around, living for as long as 17 years.

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