It’s important that you prepare the house well in advance of the arrival of your puppy.

Getting a good night’s sleep will be vital to both of you as you settle down to living together. Therefore it makes sense to set aside sleeping space in the house, somewhere where your puppy can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of family life.

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There’s a wide variety of beds available, so it’s down to personal preference. Owners of small dogs may be attracted to igloo-style beds that provide maximum privacy. However, be careful with your money, it may make sense to buy a cheaper bed to start with and then move on to something more substantial for your dog’s adult years. Whatever you decide on, make sure that your dog can stretch out fully when asleep.

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Your pup will have the best night sleep !


Specialist dog bedding is recommended as a base for hard plastic baskets

….but old towels and blankets will do just as well. Beds should be placed in a warm draught proof part of the house. One tip that many breeders give, is to take a piece of cloth with you when you go and collect your puppy from his mother. Rub the cloth over the mother to pick up her scent and then place it into your puppy’s bed when you get back home. He will be comforted by her presence.



Feeding bowls come in all shapes and sizes, from very basic plastic ones to novelty ceramic artworks. Whatever you choose, make sure there are separate dishes for food and water. The water bowl should always be available and don’t forget to place it out of the way so it isn’t continually being tripped over by the rest of the household!