German Shep Puppies

German Shep Puppies


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Hello & welcome
Big boned straight back massive pups

This is going to be a LONG detailed advert so brace yourself !

We are a mad, busy Christian family home with kids, cats, ferrets and dogs.
We only hobby breed for the love of it
Over the years we have selectively had a few litters of home reared pups. All KC reg, vet checked etc.


Big boned, long hair, straight back

Jigglesquintessa. ( Tessa)

Semi-long coated, dark sable, heavy set and well built.
Her pedigree is German with outstanding blood lines.It's almost royal, with champion after champion.
All health checks great hips etc..
patient, obedient and tolerant. Perfect with children and a pleasure to have around the house.
A teddy bear with the family, but owns that special switch only a good GSD can have.
Alert and will warn you when somebody is around. A dog who protects her family and home with her life. Very high drives . A fantastic area patrol dog with good personal protection instincts. Scared of nothing .Spending the whole night on watch, we sleep soundly knowing our home is well guarded.

It's safe to say that we are besotted with her. She is our family pet and our guardian.
she's no King Charles Spaniel, FULL GSD, true to the breed and that's what your getting with the pups too

Her bloodlines have gone into the armed forces and security as well as to family homes. All of her previous pups have inherited these traits

After serious debating by the family and consultation with the vet, the kennel club gave us approval for a fourth and finale litter.


Max "Ellen's buddy" he's a 5 year old boy

BIG long haired bouncy boy with high drives. He lives with a good friend of ours as a family pet.
Solid fluid movement great all round health.

His dad (Grandad) is the famous Cherokee Harry an out standing and well known personal protection dog, all health checked etc..

We used Cherokee for our first two litters, after his retirement we switched to his son.

The pups

Born 12/6/2018

Weaned onto raw meat, oily fish and raw goat milk yogurt and organic eggs plus quality wheat free puppy kibble.
Their stomachs are solid. No runny tummies here.
They eat like a hungry pack of wolves, especially raw meat & bone.

The size and the weight of these pups will astonish you.
Even the vet is gobsmacked.
I can promise you you'd have to go a long way to find bigger chunkier pups

We believe they need the best start to grow up to be the best dog.

The pups have been reared inside the family home with us 24/7.

It's been brilliant fun and we love them loads.

From four weeks old these pups have had very early conditioning training.
Taught to follow a finger (tracking), calmly sit /sit on command,walk to heal, listen, retrieve, recall, loud noise tolerance and rough unstable ground experience plus more.
it's all done in play in very small doses as a tiny challenges with no pressure.
The pups love it .
We follow "Stonnie Dennis" on YouTube, brilliant dog trainer, great guy.

You can see how this has already built their confidence up.
Basically house trained already... now beat that!
A truly exceptional litter.

PUPPIES individually, all colour coded.

White - he's the pick of the litter. Long haired, light sable. He is a bruiser HUGE paws. Steady, calm, walks to heal. TOP DOG
If your looking for a massive, loving friendly boy that is going to grow into an impressive dog, he's your boy!

GREEN - jet black and tan, shorter coated he's always been the smallest. But not the weakest. He holds the record for all firsts: first to break out of the whelping box, first to master the settee, first to learn sit, to growl, for his ears to come up the list goes on. He is a smart puppy who is quick to learn and eager to please. Attentive, forever looking towards you for direction, walks to heal looks straight in your eyes, but proper cheeky. He will be suitable for anything from full blown guard dog, personal protection or brilliant family pet. A dog for anyone. Simply lovely and heart breaking to rehome (I want to keep him so badly).

Purple - bottle fed from birth (which makes a puppy very people focused). Long coated light sable, sweet as sugar very loving, totally confident and tenacious/brave but she's a bit needy. Hugs & kiss are the order of the day.
Walks well on and off lead, great with kids already up for fun loves to play.
Will do back flips for a ginger biscuit .

Yellow - BIG BONED long haired proper GSD just like her mum. Expect a brilliant Tessa clone. Focused and always ready to play or learn.
Just a pleasure to have around

Black - BIG BONED long haired proper GSD just like her mum. Expect a brilliant Tessa clone. Focused and always ready to play or learn.

Blue -jet Black and tan shorter coat, heavy weight puppy massive bones. Big sad eyes he always looks lonely. Obedient, high drives, walks very well on/off the lead, huge heavy paws, self assured and loving.

All the pups have benefited from having Georgie (Choco lab) and Grace (she's their full older sister from the last litter 2.5 years ago )

Grace loves the pups but takes no nonsense from them.
She lines them up and makes the stand to attention.

Mum let's them get away with anything !

Nearly every previous pup has gone to a home with GSD experience but we will consider anyone we think is right.

We are looking for the best of homes and if you're looking for the best home reared GSD puppy you will ever see I'd wager it's ours.

We are proud of them and with good reason

More pics, vids etc available on request.
Whatsapp, Skype or however you like.

Please feel free to call and have a chat( up until 10pm is fine). I promise not to bend your ear too much!

Signal isn't great here, text or email, we will call you back

Thank you for getting to the end and God bless .


Extra Information:

Price: £1295

Date Posted: August 15, 2018

Breed: German Shepherd (Alsatian)

Email Breeder:

Gender(s) Available: Both

Current Age: 8 weeks 4 days

Microchipped? : Yes

Wormed and Flead? : Yes

KC Registered? : Yes

Vaccinations Up-to-Date? : No

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