Toys don’t have to cost a great deal – in fact there are probably items already lying around your home that are suitable for a puppy to play with. A soft plastic lid will do, or perhaps a visit to a local charity shop will yield unwanted soft toys. Just be sure they are clean and safe; supervise him for the first few times to avoid accidents.

Squeaky toys can become annoying in time, but most puppies love them. You’ll find a huge variety on offer; some are hard, others are made of soft chewable materials. Terriers in particular seem to love chasing squeaky balls from one room to another.


Raggers – made from strips of different fabric woven together – offer the chance of a good tug-of-war contest. Some are even flavoured for additional interest.

Balls are a perennial favourite and a great way of exercising while having fun. Border Collies and other ‘herding’ dogs enjoy pushing a ball around a field. Go for something soft that doesn’t puncture and is big enough so it can’t be accidentally swallowed.

Chews come in all shapes and sizes. They are either made from plastic, rawhide or hard biscuit. Keep them handy particularly when your puppy is teething. They’ll provide a useful distraction and stop him chewing things you’d rather he left alone, like your slippers.