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Australian Shepherd Dog

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Quick Australian Shepherd Dog Facts

Average Size of Adult
Medium (3/5)
Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy
Grooming Requirement
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Average Life Span
12-14 years (5/8)
Exercise Requirements
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Child friendly
Yes (1/2)
Medium (2/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Breed Group
Pastoral (3/8)
No (2/2)

Why Australian Shepherd Dogs are great

Australian Shepherd Dogs have massive popularity among those looking for family companions. They are high energy dogs, very intelligent and always need entertaining. Some highlights:

  1. Australian Shepherd Dogs are very intelligent

  2. They are protective of their families

  3. Australian Shepherd Dogs are famed at their ability to do canine sports


Things to consider when looking at Australian Shepherd Dogs for Sale

Some downsides to the Australian Shepherd Dog:

  1. The breed really doesn’t like being left alone

  2. They are very high energy and need to be stimulated a lot

  3. The Australian Shepherd Dog will shed a lot all year


History of Australian Shepherd Dogs

Any guesses where the Australian Shepherd Dogs come from? Australia? Unfortunately, you’d be wrong, as this beautiful breed originates from Northern Spain, the Basque country where it was a working dog from Basque shepherds. To make things even more confusing, the breed most certainly came to prominence in North America, on ranches, where again shepherds used the dog. It is said that the dogs came over to America on a passage via Australia from Spain, which is how they gained their name. (but no one really knows!) The breed was versatile, hardworking and clever and thus became very popular in the years after World War II. The breed was only brought into the UK in the 1980’s and even later, it took until 1993 for the American Kennel Club to recognise them as a breed. Now, the Australian Shepherd Dog breed is uses as Search and Rescue dogs, Guide Dogs for the blind and as therapy dogs in nursing homes, as well as still being occasionally used for shepherding.  


Australian Shepherd Dogs are some of the most attractive dogs there are, with beautiful colourful coats and muscled physique. They have a medium wavy or straight length coat and are very well suited to all types of weather.  

How big is the Australian Shepherd Dog?

Depending on mal e or female, the Australian Shepherd Dog can be between 46 and 58cm tall at the withers.  

How heavy is an Australian Shepherd Dog?

Between 14 and 20kg for females and 24-30kg for males.  

What Colour is the Australian Shepherd Dog?

The Kennel Club will allow for the following colours under the registration: Blue merle, black, red merle, red, all with or without tan points. They go further to say that all of the colours should be rich and clear with white not dominating the head.


Do Australian Shepherd Dogs make good guard dogs?

They are very alert and quick dogs and so will make it known when strangers are about, although rarely is this aggressive. They are not known for being natural watch dogs, and would not be recommended to guard dog either.  

Do Australian Shepherd Dogs bark a lot?

Australian Shepherd Dogs will bark when they see strangers or want attention, and some will really like to bark when young. Try to train this behaviour out of them at a young age and you will be fine.  

Are Australian Shepherd Dogs easy to train?

We would not recommend the Australian Shepherd Dog to a first time owner because they have to be trained in very specific ways. That being said, they can be easily trained with the correct knowledge and handling. An Australian Shepherd Dog needs direction and an understanding of who is boss in the house, along with plenty of stimulation or they can become very hard to manage.  

Are Australian Shepherd Dogs playful?

Aussies need a lot of stimulation and games to stay happy and healthy. They love playing with their families and are very clever so can be known to be a bit devious.  

Are Australian Shepherd Dogs good with children?

Australian Shepherds make fantastic family dogs as they are so loving.  

Are Australian Shepherd Dogs good with other pets?

If the Aussie grows up around other pets and cats then they will behave well. Take slight caution to introduce them slowly if you choose to socialise with other animals further down the line.  

Can I leave an Australian Shepherd Dog Alone?

Aussie absolutely love their families and we would not recommend being left along for long periods. They can sometimes suffer badly from separation anxiety and can lead to bad behaviour including destructive behaviour as they try to entertain themselves.  


How long do Australian Shepherd Dogs live?

You can expect your Australian Shepherd dog to live for 10-12 years.  

How much exercise does a Australian Shepherd Dog need?

A LOT! Australian Shepherd Dogs are really high energy and really intelligent that need lots of daily stimulation and exercise. They were bred to be working and herding dogs so it’s in their nature to look for jobs and exercise is their way of feeling they are working. There’s not really a maximum for your Australian Shepherd Dog, keep working until they are tired! However, be careful with Puppies as their bones aren’t fully formed.  

What are Australian Shepherd Dogs Common health issues?

The following can become hereditary for the Australian Shepherd dog, and most have DNA tests available. Consult your Vet if you are concerned.

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Elbow Dysplasia

  • Deafness

  • Cataracts

  • Collie Eye Anomaly

  • Epilepsy



How much space do I need for an Australian Shepherd Dog?

The Australian Shepherd Dog would really not fit in if you live in an apartment. They need a good secure garden to explore, it doesn’t matter too much of the size, with the main thing being able to have regular exercise away from the home and stimulation.  

How much grooming do Australian Shepherd Dogs need?

We would recommend a brush once a week to keep their skin in good condition and to prevent any tangles of their long coats, and removing any dead hair. When bathing, use a dog shampoo a couple of times a year, and make sure you don’t bath too often as this can remove important oils in their coat.  

Do Australian Shepherd Dogs shed?

Yes, a lot. This increases in the spring and autumn but is fairly stable all year around.  

Average costs

How much does it cost to keep an Australian Shepherd Dog?

As a rough guide in pricing: Cost to buy: roughly £700 for a well-bred Australian Shepherd Dog puppy Other costs (Vet, Food etc): £120 per month  

Specific Buying Guide

You can read our general buying guide here (/advice-on-buying-a-puppy/), with the most important thing being going to view your Australian Shepherd Dog Puppy, seeing it with its mother, and checking the quality of the breeder. More specifically, here is some Australian Shepherd Dog  puppy buying advice:

  1. The Australian Shepherd Dog is popular, but rare, with only a few registered breeders with the Kennel Club. You will find it difficult to find a puppy for sale, so make sure you contact the registered breeders to ask for advice.

  2. Make sure you are wary of scams. The breed thanks to its popularity can fall to scams.


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