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Quick Biewer Terrier Facts

Average Size of Adult
Very Small (1/5)
Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy
Grooming Requirement
Low (1/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Low (1/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Average Life Span
12-14 years (5/8)
Exercise Requirements
Medium (2/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Medium (2/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Low (1/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Child friendly
No (2/2)
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Breed Group
Toy (5/8)
Yes (1/2)

Biewer Terrier (Biewer à la Pom Pom, Biewer Yorkie, Biewer Yorkshire, German Yorkshire Terrier)


A perfect companion pet that is simultaneously tiny in size but with a big, loving heart, the Biewer Terrier is an ideal choice for just about any dog lover. As a miniature designer breed, the fluffy and adorable Biewer Terrier is similar in many ways to the Yorkshire Terrier, from which they were originally bred.

Cute and playful, intelligent and well-natured, the Biewer Terrier is a perfect companion for first-time owners of all ages, in just about all types of environments including apartments.

Physical Appearance 

One could be forgiven for mistaking a Biewer Terrier for a Yorkie, its direct descendant. This small, toy-sized breed resembles the Yorkie in just about every way except that his coat colour pattern is piebald unlike the coats of Yorkies.

Their medium-sized almond-coloured eyes have distinctive black rims and their ears are small and V-shaped, kept fully erect and exuding a sense of alertness. Their tails are plume-like and are carried in a distinctively curved and upright position, whilst also being completely covered in hair.

Their tricolour coat colour combinations include: black and white, blue and white. Head colourings include: 

  • Black/blue, white, gold and tan;

  • Blue/black and gold/tan;

  • Gold/tan and white.

How big do Biewer Terrier dogs get?

  • Height: 18-28 cm

  • Weight: 2.5-4 kg

Character Traits

Although they may be small in size, Biewer Terriers have the temperament of dogs four, five times their size. This can potentially be problematic for owners, as they tend to have ‘small dog syndrome’ which can lead to naughty behaviour or excessive barking.

Nevertheless, Biewer Terriers are much like Yorkshire Terriers in temperament. Highly affectionate, playful, intelligent, and eager to please their owners. They are a superb choice for first-time puppy owners, provided that the owner has the energy and patience to train and socialise them properly.

They may have a tendency to bark excessively, which can be mitigated through proper training. They can also sometimes show signs of aggression, but overt aggression including biting or fighting with others is highly undesirable and not common.

Biewer Terriers are also fairly well-known for being a challenge to train properly. Their high intelligence can also double as a stubborn streak. Although they may make somewhat reasonable watchdogs due to their yappy nature, they are terrible guard dogs.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs intelligent? Yes.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs affectionate? Yes.

Do Biewer Terrier dogs have high or low energy levels? High energy.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs loyal? Yes.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs playful? Yes, very.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs aggressive? Yes, they may show signs of aggression if improperly trained.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs easy to train? No, they are a challenge to train.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs good guard dogs? No, but they might be reasonably good watchdogs.

Ability to Socialise

Much like other terrier breeds, Biewer Terriers have a high prey drive and will chase other pets, especially cats and small pets around the house. They can also show signs of aggression if not tempered as puppies through rigorous training and socialisation.

Biewer Terriers are notoriously challenging to socialise properly. Not only can they exhibit signs of ‘small dog syndrome’ but they can also show some stubbornness. This necessitates proper training as puppies to encourage positive, constructive behaviour and to avoid destructive behaviour.

As terriers, Biewer Terriers have an excellent sense of smell and a high prey drive, which leads to chasing. Although plenty of off-lead time is ideal for most breeds, ensure that you have a suitable fenced garden whereby they can roam and play whilst supervised.

Do Biewer Terrier dogs get along with other pets? Not really, they will likely chase or play aggressively with small pets.

Do Biewer Terrier dogs get along with other dogs? Somewhat.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs good with kids? Not so much, but they get along very well with adult owners and authority figures they respect.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs good with strangers? Not really, they tend to be yappy and cautious around strangers.

Lifestyle Suitability

One of the greatest advantages of owning a Biewer Terrier puppy is that they’re highly adaptable to different environments. They’ll get along just fine in small, urban apartments as much as they will in large, rural estates. This also makes them perfectly suitable for the elderly, perhaps living in smaller flats with a balcony or smaller yard for exercise time.

As a toy breed, Biewer Terriers are companion pets that can tolerate being indoors for extended periods of time, however, plenty of outdoor time is always beneficial to keep your puppy stimulated.

Biewer Terriers enjoy the company of their owners and their families, so they are best suited for owners that are willing to accompany them frequently.

Moreover, they do not shed much and are considered hypoallergenic, making them fairly easy to maintain and care for.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs good for first-time owners? They are perfect for first-time owners.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs hypoallergenic? Yes.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs prone to drooling? No.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs a good Biewer Terrier for apartment living? Yes, they are ideal for apartment living.

Do  Biewer Terrier dogs shed a lot? No, hardly at all.

Do  Biewer Terrier dogs bark a lot? Yes, they are known to bark excessively.

Can Biewer Terrier dogs be left alone at home? Yes, but only for short periods of time.

Can Biewer Terrier dogs handle the heat? Yes, but not too hot.

Can Biewer Terrier dogs handle cold temperatures? Yes, but not too cold.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs sensitive to loud noises? Yes.

General Health & Health Issues

Biewer Terriers are quite healthy and can live to around 12 to 15 years provided they are fed a healthy diet and given plenty of exercise. With above-average health compared to other breeds, Biewer Terriers do suffer from a few hereditary health problems much like their descendant cousins, Yorkshire Terriers.

Some common problems include:

  • Hip dysplasia: many breeds, including Biewer Terriers, are prone to hip dysplasia, a condition affecting the gait and inhibiting the movement with symptoms such as lameness or a limp leg;

  • Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA): Biewer Terriers are prone to degenerative photoreceptor cells in their eyes, which can lead to night-blindness or complete blindness;

  • Eye infections: in addition to PRA, eye infections are fairly common with this breed. Have your Biewer Terrier puppy inspected frequently for eye infections and keep their eyes clean during grooming.

How long do Biewer Terrier dogs live? - 12-15 years

Exercise & Play Time

Energetic and full of joie de vivre, Biewer Terriers love playtime and need plenty of stimulation in order to remain happy and healthy. Not too much, however. They are well-adapted to remaining at home with only around an hour or so of exercise needed outdoors.

In public spaces, keep your Biewer Terrier on a lead or else he’ll likely run and chase anything he sees flying or running past. If possible, provide him with a garden or fenced yard where he can let out much of his pent up energy during the daytime.

As a terrier, his excellent sense of smell and predisposition to digging and following scent trails should be tempered with discipline. Otherwise, he may end up digging up flowerbeds or chewing furniture inside of the home.

How much exercise does a Biewer Terrier dog need? - About 1 hour per day

Do Biewer Terrier dogs like water play? No, they generally make poor swimmers.

Nutrition & Feeding

As a miniature toy breed, Biewer Terriers don’t require much feeding at all. As puppies, ensure that they are eating in regular feeding sessions spread throughout the day, and monitor for any possible adverse conditions. In any case, feeding them a high-quality diet rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients is essential considering they eat such small portions.

As they age, Biewer Terriers require adjustment to their feeding quantities, peaking at around 4-5 months of age and gradually declining as they continue ageing.

Speak with your veterinarian if your Biewer Terrier is having difficulties with his diet. They aren’t known to be particularly picky, however.

Are Biewer Terrier dogs prone to weight gain? Yes, especially as they age.

How much should I feed a Biewer Terrier puppy? About 40-90g per day, in 2 sessions.

How much should I feed an adult Biewer Terrier dog? About 60-70g per day, in total.

Care & Maintenance

The long, silky coats on Biewer Terriers is luxurious and lush, but it also requires frequent care and grooming. They tend to be more demanding than most other breeds in terms of grooming, but a proper routine will keep their coats healthy and clean. Moreover, Biewer Terriers shed very little and are therefore hypoallergenic.

In terms of emotional care, Biewer Terriers require plenty of attention to remain happy. Avoid neglecting them and ensure there is always someone home to accompany them, whether for a bout of play or simply to relax on the sofa with.

- Grooming: every day, brush your Biewer Terrier’s silky coat and brush through their top-knots, untangling and inspecting their back-ends, eyes, and ears for possible signs of infection.

- Emotional care: Biewer Terriers are able to tolerate isolation for a few hours at a maximum. Do not neglect them and try to ensure someone is always home with them, if possible.

History of the Biewer Terrier

The history of the Biewer Terrier is well-established. The first Biewer Terrier was discovered in 1984 in Germany by Yorkshire Terrier breeders Mr and Mrs Biewer, from whence the Biewer Terrier takes his name. A recessive gene in one of their Yorkies gave an unusual puppy a specific piebald coat colour, which was subsequently bred into the first litters. This original puppy was called Schneefloeckchen von Friedheck, or ‘Snowflake’ in English.

This breed began to make its way to America in 2003 and elsewhere, including here in the United Kingdom. On 1 January 2016, the breed was formally recognised by the United Kennel Club as a companion breed.

Interesting Facts About Biewer Terrier Dogs

  • In 2021, the Biewer Terrier was formally recognised by the American Kennel Club within the toy group category;

  • The first Biewer Terrier, Schneefloeckchen von Friedheck, was followed by the first bred Biewer Terrier, Schneeman, or ‘Snowman’ in English ;

  • The original name requested for this breed was ‘Gertrud Biewer Yorkshire Terrier’ named after one of the first breeders. For brevity, it was later changed to ‘Biewer Terrier’.

Getting a Biewer Terrier Puppy

There are many wonderful, adorable Biewer Puppies for sale or ready for adoption in the UK, but we first recommend you consult our buying guide to ensure that you are purchasing from reputable breeders. Owners looking to purchase a Biewer Terrier will be sure to find a loving companion through our listed breeders.

How much does a Biewer Terrier cost to buy? - Over £1,000.

How much does a Biewer Terrier cost to feed? - An adult Biewer Terrier costs about £0.50-£0.60 per day to feed.

How much does insurance for a Biewer Terrier cost? - About £20-£40 per month.

Sensible alternatives to purchasing a new Biewer Terrier puppy include rescue and adoption.

Additional resources can be found via Biewer Terrier registries and associations such as: