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Quick Jackapoo Facts

Average Size of Adult
Small (2/5)
Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy
Grooming Requirement
Low (1/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Average Life Span
12-14 years (5/8)
Exercise Requirements
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Low (1/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Child friendly
Yes (1/2)
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Breed Group
Hybrid (8/8)
Yes (1/2)

Jackapoo (Jack Russell x Poodle, Jackadoodle, Jackdoodle, Jackapoodle, Jack A Poo, Jackapoo, Jackpoo, Poojack)


Intelligent, curious, and perfect for first-time owners, the Jackapoo is a lovely little companion for just about any household. Combining the best traits of the Jack Russel Terrier and the Poodle, Jackapoos are super-charged with energy, affection, and a lively temperament combined with low-shedding coats that are easy to maintain.

This hybrid breed is incredibly adorable as puppies, and the good news is that they retain much of their cuteness as they age, at the cost of a sometimes stubborn streak whereby they love to be the centre of attention.

Physical Appearance 

It’s quite easy to imagine the appearance of a Jackapoo: just take the Jack Russel Terrier’s stature and forward-facing ears and combine the cute, fluffy little toy Poodle and somewhere in between you get a Jackapoo. Having said that, they may inherit a little more from either parent, therefore more closely resembling either a Jack Russel Terrier or a Poodle or perhaps sitting squarely in the middle.

Jackapoos have widely set eyes that exude a sense of alertness and intelligence, floppy forward-set ears, and high-set tails that can appear sabre-like when alert. In their neutral stance, they appear well-muscled and ready to act at a moment’s notice. Their gait is lively and determined and they can be real firecrackers full of energy.

Coat colours depend largely on inheritance from the parents, but a sampling of the coat colours include black, white, tan, blue, chocolate, golden, cream, brown, silver, and grey, as well as combinations thereof.

The most closely related breeds are the Jack Russel Terrier and the Poodle.

How big do Jackapoo dogs get?

  • Height: 25-38 cm

  • Weight: 5-11 kg

Character Traits

The Jackapoo is a lively breed with a temperament to match. Affectionate, playful, and curious mixed with high intelligence and a sometimes stubborn streak, the Jackapoo is a wonderfully energetic companion to have around the home.

They tend to share many similarities in terms of temperament with other terrier breeds, thus having a high prey drive, willingness to chase, and perhaps disobedience or naughty behaviour if improperly trained or socialised.

Are Jackapoo dogs intelligent? Yes, very.

Are Jackapoo dogs affectionate? Yes, very.

Do Jackapoo dogs have high or low energy levels? High energy.

Are Jackapoo dogs loyal? Yes.

Are Jackapoo dogs playful? Yes, very.

Are Jackapoo dogs aggressive? No, but they can be mischievous at times.

Are Jackapoo dogs easy to train? Yes.

Are Jackapoo dogs good guard dogs? No, but they can make for suitable watchdogs.

Ability to Socialise

Socialising a Jackapoo shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, even for first-time dog owners, which they are also well adapted for. It is, however, beneficial to have some knowledge or experience with terriers when socialising a Jackapoo since they have quite similar temperament to other terriers, including a stubborn or independent streak that must be corrected early on as puppies.

As an intelligent and affectionate breed, much like other terriers, Jackapoos tend to get along well with owners, their families, and other pets without much to worry about. Nevertheless, they do have a high prey drive and will likely chase around smaller pets. Moreover, they may be somewhat cautious towards strangers, but rarely show signs of aggression.

Do Jackapoo dogs get along with other pets? Yes, but they will likely chase small animals.

Do Jackapoo dogs get along with other dogs? Yes.

Are Jackapoo dogs good with kids? Yes.

Are Jackapoo dogs good with strangers? Yes, they are fairly sociable around strangers.

Lifestyle Suitability

As a highly adaptable hybrid breed, Jackapoos are suitable for just about any living environment they can call home. This includes small apartments in urban environments just as well as large homes in rural parts of the country.

Although they can adapt to apartment living, the terrier side of a Jackapoo yearns for some outdoor space whereby they can play and roam. Therefore, they should be given plenty of outdoor exercise time and preferably have access to a garden that is fenced off. This also allows them to be free and spend some time off-lead.

First-time owners should have little difficulty raising a Jackapoo puppy. They tend to be low-shedding and are known to be hypoallergenic, as well.

Are Jackapoo dogs good for first-time owners? Yes.

Are Jackapoo dogs hypoallergenic? Yes.

Are Jackapoo dogs prone to drooling? Not much.

Are Jackapoo dogs a good breed for apartment living? Yes.

Do  Jackapoo dogs shed a lot? Low shedding.

Do  Jackapoo dogs bark a lot? They can be yappy at times.

Can Jackapoo dogs be left alone at home? Yes, but only for brief periods of time.

Can Jackapoo dogs handle the heat? Yes, but not too hot.

Can Jackapoo dogs handle cold temperatures? Yes.

Are Jackapoo dogs sensitive to loud noises? Yes.

General Health & Health Issues

As a crossbreed, Jackapoos unfortunately have slightly lower than average health rankings when compared to other breeds. They can suffer from hereditary diseases and a range of other health problems, which emphasises the need for frequent visits to the veterinarian as well as an excellent, high-quality diet and sufficient exercise time to keep them happy and healthy.

One particular problem that can be checked for during grooming is the presence of possible ear infections. Try to have ear infections diagnosed and treated sooner rather than later to avoid more serious problems later on.

Some common problems include:

  • Deafness: it is possible that your Jackapoo inherits or develops deafness through breeding;

  • Primary lens luxation (PLL): an eye condition that can lead to glaucoma or cataracts, primary lens luxation (PLL) is somewhat common to Jackapoos. This can be DNA tested by your veterinarian;

  • Arthritis: many hybrid breeds can suffer from poor skeletal structure and joint pains, including arthritis. It is best to have this diagnosed sooner rather than later;

  • Cataracts: although there is no known ‘cure’ for cataracts aside from surgery, the filmy, cloudy eyes of a Jackapoo can be visually identified and diagnosed by your veterinarian.

How long do Jackapoo dogs live? - 12-15 years

Exercise & Play Time

As an energetic breed, Jackapoos are quite demanding in terms of exercise needs. This is mostly inherited from their Jack Russel Terrier side, who are also demanding for exercise. Endeavour to spend no less than two hours per day of quality outdoor exercise time with your Jackapoo. 

A good, brisk morning walk or jog followed by an hour of exercise in the afternoon and/or evening ought to suffice for your Jackapoo, with perhaps a little less as puppies since they are still developing.

As a terrier crossbreed, they should remain physically and mentally stimulated in order to remain tired and happy. A tired dog is a happy dog, as the saying goes.

Only allow them off-lead when not in crowded public places and where it is safe to do so. It is preferable to have a rear garden whereby they can play and roam, but make sure it is fenced off and keep them under supervision to avoid dug up flowerbeds or other naughty behaviour.

How much exercise does a Jackapoo dog need? - At least 2 hours per day

Do Jackapoo dogs like water play? Yes, they are naturally great swimmers.

Nutrition & Feeding

As Jackapoo puppies grow, their feeding schedule isn’t too demanding yet it is nevertheless important to remain consistent and to adjust according to their weight and development. As adults, however, Jackapoos may end up eating quite a bit depending on their weight.

In any case, please ensure that their diet consists of healthy nutrients, including vitamins and minerals to promote healthy development and to keep them happy. They aren’t known to be particularly picky in terms of diet, but a high-quality diet ought to suffice.

Should you decide to pursue an alternative diet, such as cold-pressed or raw food diets, consult your veterinarian to explore options suitable for your Jackapoo.

Are Jackapoo dogs prone to weight gain? Not particularly, but perhaps as they age.

How much should I feed a Jackapoo puppy? About 55-195g per day, in 3-4 sessions.

How much should I feed an adult Jackapoo dog? About 80-275g per day, in total.

Care & Maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of a Jackapoo is their close, rather short coat of fur that hardly sheds at all. This makes cleaning up and grooming a simple task.

Emotionally, Jackapoos thrive on social interaction and affection from owners and their families. Be ready to reciprocate by ensuring someone is always home to keep them company.

- Grooming: twice weekly, have your Jackapoo thoroughly brushed and inspect for any early signs of ear or eye infections. You may also wish to have them stripped by a professional groomer once or twice per year.

- Emotional care: as a social and affectionate hybrid breed, Jackapoos should not be left alone for too long. A few hours at most are all that should be permitted. They may develop naughty behaviour if they feel bored or neglected.

History of the Jackapoo

The history of the Jackapoo dates back only to around the early 21st century, where breeders sought to obtain the best qualities of both the Jack Russel Terrier and miniature/toy Poodle, such as a low-shedding coat and the playful side of both parent breeds.

On account of their relatively short history, not much is known about the long-term health of the Jackapoo, but what is known is that they make for wonderful, loving companion pets here in the UK.

This breed has not yet been recognised by the Kennel Club.

Interesting Facts About Jackapoo Dogs

  • Although a relatively new breed, Jackapoos are quite popular in the UK;

  • This breed is not recognised by any major kennel club worldwide;

  • Jackapoo puppies are known to chew and perhaps even bite between 6-12 months unless properly trained and socialised.

Getting a Jackapoo Puppy

As a relatively new breed with no formal registration by the Kennel Club, it’s extremely important that prospective owners of a Jackapoo puppy do their homework beforehand. 

Consult our comprehensive buying guide and ensure that your puppy is bred in ethical circumstances. Prospective owners that wish to adopt or purchase a Jackapoo can depend on the reputability of our breeders here in the UK.

How much does a Jackapoo cost to buy? - About £250-£500.

How much does a Jackapoo cost to feed? - An adult Jackapoo costs about £0.50-£0.70 per day to feed.

How much does insurance for a Jackapoo cost? - About £20-£40 per month.

Sensible alternatives to purchasing a new Jackapoo puppy include rescue and adoption.

Additional resources can be found via Jack Russel Terrier and Poodle registries and associations such as: