Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) Breed Information and Buying advice

Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)

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Quick Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) Facts

Average Size of Adult
Small (2/5)
Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy
Grooming Requirement
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Average Life Span
12-14 years (5/8)
Exercise Requirements
Medium (2/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Low (1/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Child friendly
Yes (1/2)
Medium (2/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Breed Group
Toy (5/8)
Yes (1/2)

Why Löwchens are great

If you are looking for a dog to fill those empty spaces in your new apartment or flat, but don’t know which breed would be a good fit, look no further. The Löwchen, or ‘Little Lion Dog’ is a toy-sized, obedient and affectionate breed that, much like humans, thrive off attention and love. Some highlights:
  1. As Löwchens are a very small breed, they are able to be kept in smaller areas, making them apartment friendly.
  2. They are very intelligent and don’t take too much effort to train as a result.
  3. Löwchens are an active and playful breed but do not require excessive amounts of exercise, making them ideal for a busy schedule.
  4. This breed does not shed their coat, making them hypoallergenic
  5. Löwchens can come in all different colours, meaning the owner has more ability to choose a look they desire.

Things to consider when looking at Löwchens for Sale

Although Löwchens thrive as watchdogs, they are only able to do this by being a loud, ‘barky’ breed. This can be undesirable for some people and neighbourhoods. Some downsides to the Löwchen:
  1. Löwchens are bred companion dogs suffering from severe separation anxiety when apart from their owners. The consequences of this can lead to destructiveness in the house and barking
  2. This breed, although very friendly, need a lot of socialization in order for them to be comfortable. Without diligent socialising at a young age, this breed can often be suspicious and shy in front of strangers and other pets.
  3. Due to their long coats, Löwchens require regular (weekly) grooming to remove tangles and knots.

History of Löwchens

The Löwchen is a historic breed, depicted in art coming from all over the world. The earliest evidence of its existence goes all the way back to the 1400s, where it is clear that the physical demeanour has not changed today. The Löwchen as an extremely popular breed, owned by both farmers, kings, and everyone in between. However, whilst other breeds, such as the poodle, became more popular, Löwchens began to decrease in numbers, almost becoming extinct in the 1900s. Even now, they remain a rare breed but are no longer near extinct. They were bred as companion and alarm dogs but were often used as rodent hunters due to their miniature size and agility meaning they could fit through small spaces and chase prey.


How big is the Löwchen?

As the name suggests, this breed is very little. Females tend to grow between 30-33cm, whilst males are slightly larger at 33-36cm.  

How heavy is a Löwchen?

Similarly to their height, female Löwchens are lighter, ranging from 4-6kg, whilst males can be between 5-8kg.  

What Colour is the Löwchen?

The Löwchen can come in many different colours, including black, cream, chocolate brown, black and tan, black and silver and blue.  


Do Löwchens make good guard dogs?

Löwchens tend to make extremely good guard dogs, regularly barking at strangers as well as unusual sights and sounds. They were previously known as being the ‘alarm dog’, with their high-pitched bark that alerts the owner of someone or something unfamiliar. However, they are very rarely aggressive, and solely work to alert their owner of something unusual.  

Do Löwchens bark a lot?

Due to their alarm-dog nature, Löwchens tend to bark a lot at unknown sights and sounds, for example when the door knocks. This can be ideal in some places, but also annoying for the surrounding neighbourhood.  

Are Löwchens easy to train?

As they are a loyal and dedicated breed, Löwchens are able to be trained easily. But be careful – due to their small size they are able to fit into smaller spaces, such as under furniture, where you may not be able to see what they are doing, so ensure there are safety barriers blocking some of these places. Löwchens are very intelligent, so will know where you will be able to find them and where you will not.  

Are Löwchens playful?

Löwchens are a playful breed, playing well with young children as well as adults, but they are not hyperactive.  

Are Löwchens good with other pets?

As long as the correct socialisation was introduced when the dog first arrived, Löwchens are accepting and playful with other pets. If they are not used to other pets, they may be standoffish and suspicious initially but will grow to appreciate the other pet’s presence.

Can I leave a Löwchen Alone?

The main point to note with this breed is that they have a very high level of separation anxiety, and do not bode well with being left alone, to the point of being destructive from the stress of being alone. This breed is not for anyone that works long hour days.  

Do Löwchens like water?

If you are planning a day on the beach with your friends and family, be sure to bring your Löwchen. They adore playing in the water, and are very good at it, being able to dive and swim underwater to avoid the currents and waves. However, due to their small size, they can easily be taken by a current or a wave, so always keep an eye on your Löwchen when they are in the water.  


How long do Löwchens live?

Löwchens are a breed that tends to live for a long time, regularly surviving until about 12-14 years.  

How much exercise does a Löwchen need?

The Löwchen breed does not require excessive or large amounts of exercise, only a moderate amount to keep healthy. Around 20 minutes of walking daily would be enough.  

What are the Löwchen’s Common health issues?

As this breed is very small, known as being ‘toy-sized’, there are regularly health issues that can come about from exercise and age. These include:
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Eye Diseases


How much space do I need for a Löwchen?

As Löwchens are small themselves, not very much space is required for them to thrive. They are often used as apartment-friendly dogs that do not need a large garden or sleeping area to be happy. They are perfect for someone looking for a companion but do not have enough living space to keep a larger breed.  

What should I feed my Löwchen?

Löwchens need around ½ cup to 1 full cup of high-quality dry food, twice a day. This does, however, depend on their size, age and level of exercise that they are getting during the day. The more exercise that they get, the more food is required in order to balance out their energy levels.  

How much grooming do Löwchens need?

Although Löwchens do not shed, they require regular grooming to maintain their smooth coat that they have. It is common to see this breed clipped, with their neck and head left with a full coat, whilst their body and back legs are clipped to a 1/8th of the length, with only a tuft at the end of the tail. This method of clipping leaves them looking similar to a lion, hence giving them their name. However, this is not a necessity, more an accessory, and it is just as common to see Löwchens with a completely unclipped coat.  

Average costs

How much does it cost to keep a Löwchen?

As a rough guide in pricing: Cost to buy: Due to the Löwchen being a rare breed, they can range from £500 – £3,000 for a well-bred puppy Other costs (Vet, Food etc): £50-100 per month  

Specific Buying Guide

You can read our general buying guide here (/advice-on-buying-a-puppy/), with the most important thing being going to view your Lowchen Puppy, seeing it with its mother, and checking the quality of the breeder. More specifically, here is some Lowchen puppy buying advice:
  1. It is always advisable to be aware of scams online when looking for a litter of puppies. The first sign of a scam is usually where there are gorgeous puppies for sale at a very low price. Löwchens are normally sold for more than other breeds, meaning that low prices are very rarely seen. Potential owners should always go and see the puppies before purchasing or agreeing on any contract.
  2. Due to this breed being rare but gaining popularity in the UK especially, many owners breed from their female too many times, simply focusing on the profit that they are making. Be sure to check any paperwork that the breeders have of the litter and the mother, as well as how many times the dam has been pregnant. They should also check the vaccinations and the microchipping when looking at the paperwork in order to be sure they are getting a safe and healthy puppy.
  3. Due to their small size, Löwchens can often be bought with health issues even from a young age. The smaller they are, the more dangerous it can be, and the prospective buyer should always ensure they are thinking about the health of the puppy, and not just the outer appearance, or ‘cuteness’ of a toy-sized dog.

Other reading, Adopting Lowchen Puppies and Rescue Organisations

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