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Picardy Spaniel

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Quick Picardy Spaniel Facts

Average Size of Adult
Medium (3/5)
Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy
Grooming Requirement
Medium (2/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Average Life Span
10-12 years (4/8)
Exercise Requirements
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Medium (2/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Child friendly
Yes (1/2)
High (3/3)
Puppy Puppy Puppy
Breed Group
Gundog (1/8)
No (2/2)

Picardy Spaniel (Epagneul Picard)


The Picardy Spaniel is a medium-sized, powerful hunting dog and is one of the oldest spaniel breeds in the world. Originating from the Picardy region in France, the Picardy Spaniel has a strong reputation for pointing, retrieving and hunting across France and neighbouring countries. The breed looks similar to the English Setter although the Picardy Spaniel is slightly smaller, they boast a powerful, athletic build with typical spaniel ears. The Picardy Spaniel has a gentle nature and is excellent with children making them a popular choice for family pets. The breed is highly active and requires plenty of daily exercise so are well suited to active families who enjoy the great outdoors. 

Physical Appearance 

With big silky ears, expressive amber eyes and a strong, sturdy body the Picardy Spaniel has all of the key spaniel characteristics you expect. This is a powerful yet gentle breed that has a charming appeal. Picardy Spaniels have well-rounded heads with a long, wide muzzle and a brown medium-sized nose. The ears of the Picardy frame their head and are covered with hair.

This is a medium-sized dog that has long legs, big paws and a deep chest. The Picardy Spaniel's curved tail is set moderately high and is well feathered. The Picardy’s coat is dense, silky, and is defined by its slight waviness. The breed is brown roan in colour with grey mottling. The Picardy Spaniel is easily distinguished from the Blue Picardy Spaniel by the brown coat colour.

How big do Picardy Spaniel dogs get? 

  • Height - Males: 55 - 62cm. Females: 55 - 60cm.

  • Weight - Males: 20 - 25kg. Females: 20 - 25kg.  

Character Traits

The Picardy Spaniel is calm, gentle yet active. They are playful, protective and are eager to please their owners. This makes the Picardy Spaniel easy to train but they do need lots of attention. This makes the breed best for families where someone is home with them most of the time. As the Picardy Spaniel is traditionally a hunting dog, they have a lot of energy and love to be busy. The breed is highly adaptable but needs space to safely roam and a family that leads an active life. Picardy Spaniels are wonderful companions, they are affectionate and are great with children. 

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs intelligent? Yes (4/5).

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs affectionate? Yes.

Do Picardy Spaniel dogs have high or low energy levels? High (5/5).

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs loyal? Yes.

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs playful? Yes, particularly when they are young.

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs aggressive? No.

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs easy to train? Yes. 

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs good guard dogs? No, they are not natural guard dogs but will bark to alert their owner of something they are suspicious about.  

Ability to Socialise 

As a social breed, the Picardy Spaniel generally gets on well with everyone. They are usually great around children and friendly around other dogs. The biggest area of concern with a Picardy Spaniel is around smaller animals. As Picardy’s have been bred to hunt and retrieve, they may think small pets and other animals need to be retrieved as part of their role in the home. 

Do Picardy Spaniel dogs get along with other pets? Yes, but they have a high prey drive so care should be taken around smaller animals. 

Do Picardy Spaniel dogs get along with other dogs? Yes, as long as they have been well socialised.

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs good with kids? Yes, they are great with children (4/5).

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs good with strangers? They may bark at strangers but will soon settle down. 

Lifestyle Suitability

A Picardy Spaniel is best suited to living in the countryside with owners who are familiar with the breed. Although the Picardy is gentle, easy-going and eager to please, they are sensitive, have specific requirements and can become bored and frustrated if their needs are not met. Picardy Spaniels don’t enjoy being alone for long periods of time so are better suited to families where someone is home with them or where they can join their owners working in the field during the day. 

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs good for first-time owners? No, this high energy, intelligent spaniel needs to be handled and trained by someone that is familiar with the breed. 

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs hypoallergenic? No.

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs prone to drooling? No. 

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs a good breed for apartment living? No, they do better in the countryside with access to a large, secure garden. 

Do  Picardy Spaniel dogs shed a lot? They shed moderately.

Do  Picardy Spaniel dogs bark a lot? No.

Can Picardy Spaniel dogs be left alone at home? They can tolerate being alone for a short period of time.

Can Picardy Spaniel dogs handle the heat? Yes.

Can Picardy Spaniel dogs handle cold temperatures? Yes.

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs sensitive to loud noises? Yes, they tend to be more sensitive than other dog breeds. 

General Health & Health Issues

A Picardy Spaniel has a life expectancy of 10 - 13 years. Although Picardy’s are hardy, they are known to suffer from a few health issues including:

  • Ear infections - Due to the size and shape of their ears, Picardy Spaniels have a high risk of ear infections. The risk of this can be reduced by keeping their ears as dry and clean as possible and thoroughly drying the Spaniel’s ears after swimming. 

  • Entropion - This is when the dog’s eyelids roll inwards causing them to rub on the surface of the eye. This is painful and leads to infections, inflammation and ulcers. Entropion often needs to be treated with surgery as well as eye drops and pain relief. 

  • Ectropion - This is when the lower eyelid rolls outward causing the eyelids to sag or roll, it is quite common in Spaniels. Ectropion can cause conjunctivitis, keratitis and other painful eye conditions. Treatment usually includes eye drops, ointments and antibiotics. Surgery can be performed to correct the condition if it is severe. 

  • Hip dysplasia - Hip dysplasia is when one or both hip joints develop abnormally so they do not fit together as they should. This can be painful and also causes swelling, stiffness and arthritis. Symptoms start when the dog is still growing and can be helped with weight control, careful exercise and pain relief. 

  • Obesity - Picardy Spaniels tend to gain weight easily if they are eating too much or not exercising enough. This is more common in the Spaniels that are not used for hunting. 

How long do Picardy Spaniel dogs live? - 10 - 13 years

Exercise & Play Time

Picardy Spaniels are high energy working dogs. The breed adapts well to home life but needs plenty of daily exercise and stimulation to avoid boredom. Picardy Spaniels have excellent endurance and stamina so enjoy long walks and runs, they need at least 90 minutes of exercise each day to stay happy and healthy. As they are social dogs, you can take your Picardy to parks or areas with other dogs without a problem. 

Picardy Spaniels also need to have access to a secure garden where they can roam freely during the day. This is not a dog breed for an inactive household. As Picardy Spaniels traditionally hunted on land and in water they love to swim and play in water whenever they have the opportunity. 

How much exercise does a Picardy Spaniel dog need? 90 minutes per day

Do Picardy Spaniel dogs like water play? Yes, they love water.

Nutrition & Feeding

A Picardy Spaniel is not a fussy eater but they are prone to gaining weight if they eat too much or don’t exercise enough. Care should be taken to ensure the right amount of quality food is given based on the Spaniel’s age, weight and activity level. 

As a rough guideline, a Picardy Spaniel puppy needs between 150 - 270g of high-quality dry food split into 3-4 small meals each day. The exact amount depends on the specific food and the age and build of the puppy. As every dog is unique it is important to have a personal dietary plan made. 

Are Picardy Spaniel dogs prone to weight gain? Yes, if overfed or under-exercised.

How much should I feed a Picardy Spaniel puppy? Between 150 - 270g of high-quality dry food depending on age and build.

How much should I feed an adult Picardy Spaniel dog? Between 230 - 335g of high-quality dry food depending on weight and activity level. 

Care & Maintenance

Grooming: the medium-length wavy coat of the Picardy Spaniel needs to be brushed each week to eliminate matts and tangles. Picardy Spaniels shed moderately so brushing them helps to keep this under control. As Picardy Spaniels are prone to ear infections it is extremely important to check their ears regularly and clean them when necessary. Their nails should also be trimmed regularly to prevent them from tapping on the ground. 

Emotional Care: Picardy Spaniels are active dogs that need daily exercise to keep them happy. If the breed does not get enough exercise and mental stimulation they will become bored and frustrated. Picardy Spaniels are highly intelligent, talented hunters and are eager to please which makes them easy to train. Picardy Spaniels love being around their family so they don’t enjoy being left alone for long periods of time. 

History of the Picardy Spaniel

The Picardy Spaniel is a French breed that is highly prized as a hunting dog. The Picardy Spaniel was specifically bred to be versatile, adaptable and able to hunt across most terrains whatever the weather. As such, Picardy Spaniels are powerful and hardy dogs. The breed survived World War I and II thanks to breed enthusiasts.

The breed was recognised in 1907 and their numbers and distribution in Europe have been increasing since the 1980s. Picardy Spaniels are now relatively well known in parts of Europe but are still relatively rare in the UK. The breed is popular as a hunting dog and as a family dog. 

Interesting Facts About Picardy Spaniel Dogs

  • The Picardy Spaniel is one of the oldest Spaniel breeds

  • Used to hunt, point and retrieve rather than flush out game

  • Closely related to the Blue Picardy Spaniel

Getting a Picardy Spaniel Puppy

A Picardy Spaniel is a talented hunting dog and a wonderful family dog. If you think this is the right breed for your home, take a look at our buying guide for advice on finding and buying your new puppy. Use these tips to help you avoid scams and bad practices. At Puppies, all breeders are vetted to ensure they are responsible. Take a look at the Picardy Spaniel puppy page to see if there are any puppies available in your area. 

How much does a Picardy Spaniel cost to buy? £800 - £1500

How much does a Picardy Spaniel cost to feed? £50 per month

How much does insurance for a Picardy Spaniel cost? £30 per month

Picardy Spaniels are still quite rare in the UK so you may have to join a waitlist to get a puppy. However, you could also look at adopting a Picardy Spaniel. We recommend talking to your local dog rescue centre but the following associations may be able to offer assistance and advice too: 

Talk to Spaniel Aid UK about adopting a Spaniel 

Rehome a Picardy Spaniel with Save Our Spaniels

Chat with The UK Picardy Spaniel Club about adoption