50 Best Dog Names for Good Boys & Girls

50 Best Dog Names for Good Boys & Girls

Choosing a name for your dog is a big decision, you’ll both be living with it for a long time and it’s something you’ll be saying a lot to get your dog’s attention as well as for recall/ training. Naming a puppy is kind of like naming a baby and it’s something that definitely shouldn’t be rushed. 

There are so many great names that choosing one can feel a bit overwhelming. It’s often a good idea to find out a bit about your dog’s personality so you can choose a name that fits. 

One of the best ways to get started is by checking out lots of names and taking note of the ones you like most. This is a good way to narrow it down and then from there you can use the list for inspiration and find a name the whole family agrees on. 

We’re excited to help you find the perfect name for your newest addition so we’ve rounded up 50 of the best dog names below. Use this list as inspiration to help you find the name that suits your new puppy down to a T. 

What Makes A Good Dog Name?

A good dog name is easy to say and something your dog can easily understand. Some names are going to be better than others and choosing a good name for your dog will help improve communication with them, so it is worth careful consideration. 

We said it’s important to give your dog a name that’s easy for them to understand. This means it should be short (one-syllable or two-syllables) so it is quick and easy to say and gets your dog’s attention with ease, and it should also have long vowels and hard consonants. This type of name structure (e.g. Cooper, Marley, Lucky) is easier for your dog to hear. 

By selecting a name that is easier for your dog to hear and understand you are helping to set your dog up for success as there will be less confusion and more response and overall obedience from your dog. 

Something that goes hand in hand with this is making sure your dog’s name does not sound similar to commands or other people’s/ pet’s names in the household. For example, avoid calling your dog Kit as it sounds very similar to “sit” and this can easily confuse your dog.

Finally, the name should be something you like to say and something you won’t be embarrassed to shout out in a busy park when you are calling your dog back to you. Some name ideas may make you laugh at first but consider the overall practicality and the reality that this is what you will be calling your dog for many years to come. 

You’re now ready to choose the perfect name for your beautiful fluffball. Shortlist your favourite names from the selection below and once you meet your new dog, you’ll come up with something perfect for them.

Top 25 Boy Dog Names

Each year different names become popular, often along with trends of the past year including music, film, sports, and pop culture.  Some names, such as Milo and Teddy, are classics and can be found on the best dog names lists year after year, while others, such as Olaf, are newcomers thanks to recent events and trends.

  1. Max 

  2. Milo 

  3. Teddy

  4. Alfie

  5. Buddy

  6. Buster 

  7. Cooper

  8. Winston 

  9. Bear

  10. Charlie 

  11. Diesel

  12. Bandit 

  13. Oscar

  14. Champ 

  15. Tank

  16. Loki

  17. Teddy

  18. Hugo 

  19. Bailey 

  20. Archie 

  21. Jasper

  22. Rocky 

  23. Marley 

  24. Olaf

  25. Oakley

Top 25 Girl Dog Names

Whether you are looking for a name that is cool, cute, or unique, the following list of the best dog names for girls will help you find something perfect. 

  1. Bella

  2. Molly

  3. Daisy

  4. Lucy

  5. Roxy 

  6. Lola

  7. Coco

  8. Luna 

  9. Zoe

  10. Lily

  11. Cassie 

  12. Emily

  13. Ruby 

  14. Cookie

  15. Winnie

  16. Caramel 

  17. Miley 

  18. Nutmeg

  19. Honey 

  20. Willow 

  21. Poppy

  22. Sadie 

  23. Stella

  24. Penny

  25. Nala

Dog Name Inspiration 

Choosing a name for your dog is a fun process. You can be as creative as you want and can take your time to find a name that suits your dog’s personality and unique qualities. 

We often name our dogs after our passions, our interests, and our hobbies. A lot of names come to people as they are watching their favourite shows and movies, maybe there’s a character you love or there’s a dog you want to name your puppy after. Many of the most popular dog names are inspired by Disney and our favourite cartoon characters too. 

There's inspiration for puppy names everywhere once you start looking. Some of the other fun places you can get dog name inspiration include: 

  • Favourite foods - there are some really fun dog names inspired by food, for example, Oreo. 

  • Looks - is there something unique about your dog? Think about their size and their coat colour/ type and see if a name comes to mind. 

  • Personality - what makes your dog special? Is there something specific about their personality that stands out to you? Are they energetic, cuddly, intelligent, playful?

  • Nature/ travel - some of the more unique dog names are inspired by nature, countries and travel. Take a look around and see if there’s anything that jumps out at you. 

As you can see, there are plenty of dog names to consider and there’s potential name inspiration everywhere you look. Don’t worry, there is going to be one that suits your pup perfectly and you’ll know once you find it.

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