10 Best White Dog Breeds

10 Best White Dog Breeds

Although white is one of the most popular dog colours, there are only a few dog breeds that are exclusively white. If you’re looking for a beautiful all-white dog, start your search here.  Below are 10 of the best white dog breeds in the world, we’ve included fluffy, small, and large breeds so there’s something to suit everyone.  

Fluffy White Dog Breeds

Arguably some of the cutest dogs, these fluffy dogs have cloud-like coats making them the perfect cuddling companions. 

1. Samoyed

  • Description: Samoyeds are happy characters that are known for their distinctive white coats and dark eyes. These dogs are excellent family pets as they are playful, affectionate, and love to be with their owners. Samoyeds are also intelligent and quick learners. Their fluffy coats do require regular grooming and they can shed a lot too. 

  • Height:46-56cm

  • Weight: 23-30kg

  • Character: Friendly, adaptable, gentle

  • Origin: Siberia

2. Bichon Frise

  • Description: The Bichon Frise is an affectionate little dog that is full of personality. These dogs are entertainers and they are highly adaptable making them great for first-time owners. The fluffy white coat of a Bichon Frise needs to be brushed regularly to keep it in good condition.  

  • Height: 23-28cm

  • Weight: 3-5kg

  • Character: Intelligent, happy, curious

  • Origin: Mediterranean

3. Maltese

  • Description: Maltese are small dogs with long, silky, white coats that need daily grooming. Maltese are family-oriented dogs, they love playing and they win people over with their adorable looks and charming character. This breed makes an excellent companion for first-time dog owners. 

  • Height: 20-25cm

  • Weight: 1-3kg

  • Character: Charming, sweet, hardy

  • Origin: Malta

4. Siberian Husky

  • Description: While not fully white, Siberian Huskies have a lot of white in their coats. These fluffy sled dogs are large in size and they have lots of thick, soft fur making them well suited to cold weather. Huskies are social dogs that get along great with people and pets. 

  • Height: 51-61cm

  • Weight: 20-27kg

  • Character: Loyal, energetic, outgoing

  • Origin: Siberia

Small White Dog Breeds

Small breeds are great for living in smaller spaces and they are often extremely adaptable making them great companions for most lifestyles. 

5. Coton de Tulear

  • Description: The Coton de Tulear is an adorable toy breed that boasts a medium-length, white, cotton-like coat. This is a happy, sociable breed that loves to be around people. Coton de Tulear dogs are also intelligent and fairly easy to train. 

  • Height: 25-30cm

  • Weight: 5kg

  • Character: Adaptable, loyal, intelligent

  • Origin: Madagascar

6. Bolognese

  • Description: The Bolognese is a small, hypoallergenic dog with a beautiful long coat. These dogs rarely shed but they do require professional grooming. Bolognese loves to bark and can be stubborn but these little dogs are excellent companions, particularly for families. 

  • Height: 25-30cm

  • Weight: 2.5-5kg

  • Character: Affectionate, playful, intelligent

  • Origin: Italy

7. West Highland White Terrier

  • Description: West Highland White Terriers are family-friendly dogs with bright personalities. These dogs are well-rounded, social and excitable. Westies have a cuddly appearance with their white double-coat and small size. This breed is entertaining, easy to train and can be quite independent. 

  • Height: 23-30cm

  • Weight: 6-10kg

  • Character: Entertaining, loyal, happy

  • Origin: Scotland

Large White Dog Breeds

With the right amount of space and time, these large dog breeds make excellent companions.

8. Pyrenean Mastiff

  • Description: The Pyrenean Mastiff is a large herding dog that has a long, thick, white (or light coloured) coat and a dark-coloured mask around its eyes. This powerful dog is gentle, agile, and courageous. Pyrenean Mastiffs are fantastic guard dogs and are known to be loyal, affectionate, and independent so they don’t mind spending time alone. Despite their size, these Mastiffs are not particularly active. 

  • Height: 75-82cm

  • Weight: 81-100kg

  • Character: Gentle, confident, intelligent

  • Origin: Spain

9. Komondor 

  • Description: Also known as the “Mop Dog”, the Komondor has a long, corded coat that gives them an appearance similar to a cleaning mop. Underneath all of this hair is a powerful, faithful, and independent watchdog. Komondors are affectionate with their family and love to play.

  • Height: 60-80cm

  • Weight: 36-61kg

  • Character: Loyal, fearless, affectionate

  • Origin: Hungary

10. White Swiss Shepherd

  • Description: The White Swiss Shepherd is a versatile dog that is large, powerful, and has medium-length white fur. This breed is similar to the German Shepherd with the coat colour being the most obvious difference between the two. White Swiss Shepherds are great all-around dogs, they are impressive guard dogs and affectionate companions. 

  • Height: 55-66cm

  • Weight: 25-40kg

  • Character: Well-balanced, lively, alert

  • Origin: Switzerland

Found The Right Dog Breed For You?

If you’ve fallen in love with one of these white dog breeds, head over to Puppies to find a healthy puppy to join your family. 

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